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Need pastor input re: church $ mgmt; will swap prof svcs


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I need advice from Baptist pastors, and will swap professional services for it. I am not looking to sell anything here. Moderators: if I'm out of line, please accept my apologies and delete this.

I am a Certified Fraud Examiner; I've been a Christian since '72, and was a deacon before I moved out of the area. I believe my calling is to help churches tighten up their financial procedures (many are... informal...). I've done a great deal of planning and preparation for this work, but my assumptions are still just guesses. What I need to do now is 'get out of the building,' meet with you, and listen.

I am hoping for perhaps a half to an hour of your time, by phone or video conference. The object is to listen to  your needs and concerns in the area of church financial procedures and related topics.

My goal is to tailor what I offer to match the true needs of pastors. If I can do that, then churches throughout the country will benefit. Their reputations will improve, and their people will stand. And they will prevent what is preventable. You will have played an essential role in that. Your counsel will contribute towards a wider benefit.

In return for your time, I would like to give of my time as well. I can review your financial procedures as they relate to fraud prevention. Together we will work out how best to do that, but know that for this overview there would be no charge.

Hoping to hear from you - please reply to tim at dapplecreek.com (this is my home email address: I'm not giving my website or business email because most forums don't want self-promoters, and because I don't want to 'lead the witness' in our chats.)


(Comments can be posted here, of course, but it would be lots better to be able to interact in real time so I really understand what you're saying.)

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