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EReader or Tablet? and Just Saying Hi to Everyone here

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I just want to greet everybody hello and I am very happy to have found this website/ forum.  I have so many questions about my homeschooling journey and glad to have found a safe, warm and trustworthy platform to ask questions and hopefully I can be of any help too to others.

I am a homeschool, single and work-from-home mom and my daughter is requesting for an E-Reader, since she loves reading.  According to this link, https://thewiredshopper.com/e-readers-vs-tablets/?fbclid=IwAR2gAE2cU3h5ecaA6IjXQnLY9Q5ix0mOOJZ355FBBHCPO5SBniJ_pi5E9sk, you can also read ebooks through a tablet, which I wasn't aware, but according here it appears like it's a norm that people read through tablets.

I like the idea and I like to get her a tablet instead since she can use it to for her homeschooling. Currently she's using my laptop. I just work after she's finished with it.  So it's like double whammy, she gets a laptop alternative and E-reader in one buy. What I like best is it's cheaper than a laptop too.

But my main concern is, wouldn't tablets strain my daughter's eyes? At the same time, I was thinking, she might also get distracted that instead of reading her usual adventure stories, she now goes to social media? I know you can limit or guard the websites your children are looking at? Does that work for tablets too?I'm sorry for having too many questions, but your thoughts are appreciated.

Thank you




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Glad to hear that you came to Online Baptist and enjoy our fellowship. We home schooled our children and are always happy to talk with other home people who home school their children.

Here are my thoughts.

The battery life of the E-reader will be a lot longer than the tablet. That may be a large consideration. And, the initial cost is far less. If you are going to buy the device for reading I would recommend the E-reader over the tablet or laptop.

With the tablet, or laptop, the main focus will probably change from reading to other concerns (games, social media, etc...) so that reading will become a secondary use for the tablet.

I noticed the E-reader was a Kindle.

I read a lot also. I was going to buy a kindle a long time ago (several years in fact),  so my information may be outdated.

I saw two problems.

One of the problems that I found with the Kindle E-reader was that the books that I could read from it was limited to more of less new books and their list of books that you could download was limited also.

The second problem was that you could not use the Kindle, or if it was another brand, and download all the books that you wanted to download; in other words books that you wanted to download and read could not be used on the device (in my case the Kindle I was gong to buy).

I would check to see if the type of books that you want your daughter to read is available to download on the E-Reader.

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