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Windows 10 Version 1909 update.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

I do use two OS's on my computers.

1. Linux 19.1

2. Windows 10. Version 1803.

Due to automatic windows updates, Windows took away my version 1803 and installed the new November 2019 update, Windows 10 version 1909.

Among other problems, the following was terrible.

1. The update took away my Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail system. I had to re-install it.

2. The update took away my Corel Video Ultimate 2018 video creator. I had to re-install it.

3. Worst of all, it replaced my Windows Office Home & Student  2016 and replaced it with the a version that will only allow me to even look at my documents using One Drive. Now, I cannot use my Office without being on the internet and all my files, pictures, etc... on the Microsoft"Cloud.'

4. Basically, my computer, and all of my documents, etc.. are now controlled by Microsoft.

Hopefully tonight I will, maybe, revert my OS back to windows 10 Version 1803.

And, thank the Lord, Microsoft cannot touch my Linux OS.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

I thought I was the only one...

I use Linux exclusively, but my wife still uses Windows...and it's Windows 10. She has two home-based businesses and depends on her computer to be able to perform those jobs.

She recently had me trying to diagnose why she could no longer use Word 2013 that I had purchased back then. Nothing I did worked, so I found the product activation key that I had saved in the original email from WalMart/Microsoft when I purchased it. I hated to do it, but I then logged into my old Microsoft account on her computer. I entered the product activation key, and it kept telling that it was already in use!!! Nothing I tried worked. Yes...it's already in use...BY ME...it's my activation key!

So, I installed OnlyOffice on her computer...it's a free office suite compatible with WIndows (I use it on a couple of my Linux systems too). So far it has done everything that she did before with Micro$oft Word; it seems to work very well for her needs.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

Some of the creative ways of spelling Micro$oft are not repeatable in a Christian forum. NN was being creative, polite and considerate of his audience. Thanks NN!

Well, some good news:

(1) I was able to roll back the Windows 10 1909 version back to my previous Windows 10 1803 version. Here is the link to the steps that I used to roll back to version 1803:


Please take note. In order to roll back to a previous Windows 10 version you must do it within 10 days of the update.

(2) I should be able to block future updates. But, Micro$oft will not service the OS as before.

(3) I was able to re-install, through a previous activation, or product, number, Micro$oft Word. So, I can create documents in Word;  but not Office.

(4) I back-up all my documents on an external hard drive, or on CD's or DVDs, so I did not loose all the work previously done.

And, some bad news.

(1) Even though I was able to re-install my Corel Video program (which was one of the reasons I kept a separate computer for Windows 10), all of the videos  were deleted by Micro$oft and were not returned after the roll back to the 1803 version. Fortunately,  I have back-up copies of my videos and will use those as needed.  

(2) Micro$oft did not roll back my Office Home & Student 2016 software. So, I will not use that program as I want to keep all my documents, and photos, on my computer and not on One Drive / Cloud.

A few thoughts.

(1) For those who use One Drive, or, the Cloud, to store your computer work, you better back-up all you work on your own external hard drive or CD's / DVDs.

(2) I know Linux is hard to learn at first as there is a difference in operating Micro$oft and Linux, and, depending on what you do on a computer, Linux has some limitations, I would suggest you consider making the change to Linux.

So, I will continue to use my Linux OS for all my work and only use Micro$oft for a few things. Once I can do all of my work on Linux I am going to delete the Windows OS and upload Linux on the Micro$oft tower and kiss Micro$oft a permanent good-bye.


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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

Not at all suggesting that this isn't happening, but I have never had a real problem with windows versions and updates. My systems have always just worked - only problems I have had are old systems getting junked up with updates (slowing down), and attacks from scammers.

But it was pointed out to me that if you type 4x4 whilst holding down the shift key you get $×$, and that CAN'T be a co-incidence!🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

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