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What happened in church today?

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I thought it might be interesting to see what everyone did in church. Was it an average, interesting, funny, or momentous day? Is it missions conference time? Special services or special guest preacher?  Picnic on the grounds after services? You can talk about anything, share pictures, videos, etc, just keep it focused on what happened at your church (or a church you visited) recently. No controversy, please, I'd like this to be a positive thread. If you're worried about sharing too much personal things online, you can keep it simple, just post what scripture was preached from, the title of the sermon (if any), subject of the sermon, an interesting tidbit from the sermon, or a blessing you think we might all enjoy. It can be as short or as detailed as you'd like.

I'll start.

My church recently had combined services with a sister church in the area which  was celebrating their 32nd anniversary. The guest pastor preached on the topic of "Following Jesus". Afterward we had lunch and a good time of fellowship together. 





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Regular Sunday services today... was supposed to have a baptism service (second this month!), but it didn’t work out for everyone so it’ll be next week. My Sunday school class took a break from their regularly scheduled lessons in Genesis to do a class on Christians and the government and write Christmas cards to Canadian servicemen overseas. All the kids got to choose the country of destination. 🙂 Lots of visitors in church this morning to hear pastor’s sermon on transgenderism (ha - sure that wasn’t intentional).  I’m trying to get a quick nap in before a senior’s service this afternoon, then back for evening service and a monthly fellowship (i.e. food!) after. The choir is practicing for Christmas, so it’ll be a long evening. 

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Since it is the Thanksgiving season our sermon and SS lesson was on thankfulness. This was in the context of the Apostle Paul preaching that we should be thankful in all things, the good as well as the bad. Paul wrote that he was thankful even in his bondage in prison, because he saw it as opportunity.

It also included examples of not being thankful, based on the murmuring of Israel in the wilderness, where they chided with Moses saying that it would have been better if they had died in Egypt. Moses, through God, had delivered them from bondage, but they were not thankful for this deliverance, they even wanted to go back into bondage.

A Thanksgiving potluck followed the main service. It was a good day to be in The Lord's house.


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We visited Tabernacle Baptist Church, Pastor Don Ball, in Lebanon, Missouri last Tuesday evening for a special Thanksgiving service. One of the songs sung that evening was a new song sung by the congregation called, "So Much to Thank Him For."


We never heard it before so I found the following YouTube video, "Rabon Creek," that sang the song. Hope you like it.




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