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Pastor's Wife in dire health-need prayer

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Just a bit over a year ago, my wife and I celebrated her year since she almost died, and spent 5 months in the hospital for a very serious health conditions. The prayers of the saints all over did mighty things, and my wife is still here, getting stronger each day as she continues in recovery.

That being said, I have recently met another pastor, by phone, whose wife had suffered something similar, though lighter, and had to have a temporary ostomy. When the time came to have her bowel reconnected, apparently it failed, and flooded her abdomen with a great amount of stool and infected blood, which caused serious sepsis. This is virtually identical to what happened to my wife initially, which is why I am bringing this up. His wife has subsequently had to be given a long incision in her abdomen to do cleanings, (like my wife did), and there is great concern over whether she will survive this. The reason I keep mentioning my wife is because it is so similar to what she endured, yet through prayer, faith, and capable doctors, she survived what even her surgeon didn't expect her to survive, and knowing this, I believe this dear pastor's wife can, as well. 

So I would lift her and her husband up in prayer for this-if the Lord allows her to live, it will be a long journey. His church is soon having a special meeting for a couple days, and I know they are still having it, but I know this will affect him. So please lift them up in prayer for mercy, healing and grace. I am thankful that my wife and I are able to use the great hardship we went through to be a help to them in this time, having person experience with it from many perspectives.  Thanks all. 

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Update: Spoke with her husband last night, he said there has been some healing, that the area between her stoma and her abdomen, where the leakage into her gut was, has begun to heal and there is now a barrier there, keeping to manure, (as my wife calls it) out of her gut. So a step forward. Thanks for prayer and keep it going!

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