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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

Every single forum I have ever joined has had a policy of "introduce yourself" before you get stuck into the discussions.

In some, it is actually necessary to have an introduction post before you can post in any other section.

Is this possible with this forum software? 

I understand that this is something brother Matt will probably have to address personally, but maybe a bit of discussion about it?

Introductions are kinda important I think.

And of course it may not even be possible under this platform, so it might all be moot.

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  • Administrators

The short answer is yes, it is possible with the programming this board runs under. The board owner sets all board parameters when he sets up his board. If BroMatt has chosen to not implement this feature he may have a good reason for it, or he may have simply not thought of it as important at that time.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

If the mods do decide on some sort of introduction, it would help all of us if we had more than a brief introduction.

In other words, some introductions are maybe a sentence or two in length, with no  real testimony, no real church affiliation, a very broad statement of salvation, work in the church, etc...

Some of the introductions are so generic, short, broad in scope and meaning that they are almost useless in letting us know who we are dealing with.

Maybe the mods can suggest in some way a paragraph on salvation, church affiliation, whether or not the individual is in the ministry, etc...

Also, as with the last two individuals, in the last two weeks, they joined and immediately they got into a very controversial subject and we really do not know much of their background. It is obvious to me that the last two individuals joined Online Baptist knowing what we believed and came just to cause trouble and stir us up. I suspect they are laughing behind our backs and enjoying the fireworks that they cause.

And, probably, except for one or two instances, the malcontents are not even taking the time to get to know us, be friendly to us, or have some fellowship. 


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