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Lack of Discernment

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Lack of discernment has always been a problem, most specifically with folks who don't spend time in scripture. But it seems to be catching on greatly within IFB circles. 

Much of this lack of discernment is coming from women. Women who are pastor's wives, missionary wives, etc. Women who should know better...and whose husbands should be doing their due diligence and protecting their wives from false doctrine. 

Most IFB know that women like Beth Moore, etc., are not to be followed. But it isn't Beth Moore and her ilk that is making such an inroad.

Have you ever heard of Lisa Terkeurst? Ann Vos Kamp? These women are really influencing other women today. They are followers of mystics, present the relationship with God in a sensual way, etc.  I know a number of good women who have read after these women, and who have been influenced in a bad way.

Then there is Graham Cooke. Just reading about him makes me shake my head that anyone who has spent time reading scripture could fall for his heresy. 

Memes are a big thing on social media. And these three create memes with pithy statements that people just LOVE. They sound well (unless you read it more closely and carefully), but they help suck people in.

There is also a group of women who are "teaching" how to respond to domestic abuse. Now, I do believe that very often the church fails to protect the victim and sides with the abuser. But that is no excuse for some of the teachings going on.

Women are being taught feminism, draped in spiritual sounding words. They are being taught emotionalism, draped in spiritual sounding words. And their men are falling for it, too, or at the very least allowing it.

And then there is the teaching that we are filled with the Spirit upon salvation, that any other teaching is bondage.

So...anyone experiencing any of this with their churches/friends?  Or has it possibly just not become obvious yet? I would encourage all pastors to become aware of what these women teach, the names of their books, and be proactive about the insidious teachings.

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Thankfully my wife is very discerning when it comes to study material for our ladies' meetings. There are so many popular but doctrinally poor writers out there.

But I have noticed the use of motivational memes from bad teachers, without regard to the base doctrinal position of the "sayer" of the meme......

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