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Offerings to original church....

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Not false religion, but false doctrine.

It is not in Australia, but I have heard that in a nearby country there is a teaching rising that says that you always send your offering back to your first church, no matter where you are worshipping now.

This of course deprives small independent churches of much needed support, whilst making the big churches teaching this richer and richer. 

It also demotes the principle of the local church.

And unfortunately this is among "independent Baptist churches", although I use the term in a technical sense rather than a true sense.

Has this found any sort of foothold in the USA or elsewhere?

I have met one of the guys promoting it when he visited Australia and was still considered IFB, but even then held to some hidden strange doctrines. He kept them very quiet and it was a surprise when the truth came out. He has never been invited back and would not be welcome in any case.

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Curious. Are they talking about the church in which you got saved (for me that's 46 years back and is an SBC church. Plus, it no longer exists. Would that move it to the 2nd church I was a member of - also SBC. Or perhaps the first IBC I was a member of?). Or is it a deal where you are out of town for a year (military short term overseas duty assignment) if you don't change church membership. Or if you went to Canada as a missionary but have since taken a "permanent" pastorate of a Canadian church do you send it to what once was your sending church?

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

The false teaching is that you always send your offering to the church you were saved at.

Some pastors here in Australia are having to deal with this with people who have come here from the other country.

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