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Prayer for an enemy of the Gospel Truth

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Hello Family of God,

The person responsible for hacking my computers in every way possible is relentless in his pursuit (I'm quite certain I know who is responsible); it is my desire that this person repent from his sins before it is too late, because tomorrow in not promised for anyone. It is my desire for this person to come to the realization that the Devil does NOT care for him in the least, and Satan will not be "sharing" his Victory when all is said and done. This person is so hellbent in hindering my ministry that he attempted (many times) to falsely accuse me of doing a bad job at my workplace by tampering with the software which used to perform my work duties.

There is no "reward" for being a slave of Satan, only Everlasting Torment in the Eternal Lake of Fire; for it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God, and knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men. The worst thing anyone can do to you is kill your body, but everyone ought to know that the most dreadful experience one can possibly face for all of Eternity is to face the Judgment and Wrath of the Lord God Almighty, and He alone has the Power to destory the soul and bring it to utter ruin (Heb 10:31; 2 Cor. 5:11; Matt. 10:28).

It is the tragedy of all tragedies what men and women will sacrifice for temporary pleasures in this passing world, and what they are willing to give up for this snare from the Adversary. As the man who laid up earthly treasures only to be told that he will die the same day, and then he will face the God of gods to be sentenced to Eternal Punishment. The final gift from the Devil to the one who was enslaved by him will be packaged as a casket with the body of the one who has "sold" his soul to Satan; and by the way, to "sell" one's soul is a misnomer, because the soul of a man or woman is PRICELESS: which is why the Lord Jesus warned about the irrevocable danger of trading one's eternal soul for fleeting lusts which will ultimately bring unending ruin and corruption.

I truly do care for this person, and I would not wish Everlasting Punishment in Hell and the Eternal Lake of fire to the worst of my enemies. I sincerely pray that the Lord will remove the heart of stone, and give him a heart of flesh. Nobody is "beyond" redemption (as long as there is any remorse or guilt), even if the Devil tries to deceive others that they have crossed their Rubicon, and that God "hates" them, and it is Satan who truly does "care" for them, there may still be hope. Please pray with me that he comes to repentance and give his life over to the Lord before it is too late.

God Bless!

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