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Dinosaur Footprints Found in Australia

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This is interesting - @DaveW, have you heard about this?

In September 2018, a 20-strong team of palaeontologists and volunteers gathered near Karoola homestead in Central West Queensland to rescue a slew of dinosaur footprints (figure 1).1,2,3Over 20 days, they excavated endangered tracks from a dry creek bed and moved them some 100 km to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum near Winton, founded by Executive Chairman, David Elliott. Australian vertebrate palaeontologist Dr Stephen Poropat of Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne is leading the research work.

The tracks were first exposed 20 years before when floods altered the course of the creek. Although landowners often passed the impressions, they did not recognise their significance (figure 2). However, a couple of years ago, a visitor suggested the features were dinosaur footprints, an opinion later supported by palaeontologists.

Some 25 per cent of the total footprint area, which was about the size of two basketball courts, was relocated, including all the fragile prints. Relocation will continue to the end of winter 2019...

For the rest of the article:


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As I am not a Paleontologist, in my unprofessional opinion, this is an excellent article. I would like to give one quote:

"Significance of the tracks

These tracks vividly reveal the drama of Noah’s Flood as it deluged the earth. We catch a glimpse of how animals reacted, leaving footprints as they fled the floodwaters rising on what is now Australia. Before these prints were made, kilometres of sediment had already been deposited on the continent, burying terrestrial and marine creatures. More sediment was deposited afterwards."


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A further link in the article gives great scientific detail concerning the "Great Artesian Basin" and gives this conclusion.


Certain features of the Great Artesian Basin, such as its large size, the presence of fossil footprints, minimal disturbance and erosional features, allow a reasonable classification of the structure within the biblical geologic model of Walker. The Great Artesian Basin was deposited during the upper Zenithic phase, the top of the structure in the Surat Basin area representing the top of the Zenithic phase in eastern Australia. In addition, the structure was extensively eroded during the Recessive stage, as defined by Walker’s biblical geologic model.55

As more of the geology of an area is classified within this model we will begin to appreciate the relative volumes of sediment associated with different phases and form better estimates of the time involved."

Here is the link to the "Great Artesian Basin" article.


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I read about this some time ago, it is very interesting. I also remember the articles about dinosaur foot prints found in Texas. It is also interesting to think about scientists time table for events like this in regard to when these creatures walked the earth. The prints in Texas were had the distinct impressions of human tracks made in the same dinosaur tracks. That kind of blows evolution scientists ideas that dinosaurs lived long before man evolved.

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Within the article on "The Great Artesian Basin," are scientific facts that the dinosaurs were destroyed as a species after the flood of Noah.

The following is a quote of the section.

Well-preserved dinosaur footprints are also reported toward the top of the stratigraphic sequence in the Winton Formation at Lark Quarry, a site 120 km southwest of Winton in central Queensland.37 Excavations in 1976 by a large labour force of volunteers revealed several thousand footprints representing the trackways of well over 100 bipedal dinosaurs, many of them apparently no bigger than chickens. Part of a plan view of the footprints is reproduced from Thulborn and Wade38 in Figure 5.

A thick overburden of sandstone needed to be broken up by jack-hammers and levered out with crowbars to expose the footprints. In all some 60 tons of overburden was removed. It was then necessary to clean the footprints by removing the sandstone which filled them. Footprints have been uncovered at three locations spanning some 200 m, and all appear to be at the same stratigraphic level. This strongly suggests that the footprints are part of the Winton Formation itself.

The presence of footprints is important because it rules out the Recessive stage of the Flood event as shown in Table 4. The Bible records that “Everything on dry land that had the breath of life in its nostrils died” (Genesis 7:22). This would have included dinosaurs, because even if they were amphibious and comfortable in shallow, near-shore waters, the strong deep currents of the Flood would have overwhelmed them. This is suggested as the explanation for many dinosaur graveyards in North America,39 and is doubtless the cause of their mass extinction.

Classification of footprints within the biblical geological model of Walker. Table 4. Classification of footprints within the biblical geological model of Walker.

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