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Are all believers "Christians"?

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So, a comment was made on a forum I was on, and it piqued my interest. It said, "The word "Christian" is only used 3 times in scripture; none of them are in context to being born again, but all are in context of those who bear fruit"

I looked into the three places, and while perhaps not clear, there does seem to be some truth to that. 

The first instance is referring to when the term is first used in Anticoch, and it says specifically that the disciples were first called Christians there. 

The second has to do with Agrippa telling Paul that he was almost persuaded to be a Christian, to which Paul declares he would prefer all who heard him were just like him, except without the chains. Paul was a disciple and an apostle. The 'Christians" Agrippa would have know would be those who were busily stirring up trouble turning the world upside down-they were known for their faith and boldness. So, no pew-sitters, only active.

the third is in 1Pet 4:16 speaks of those who suffer as Christians, and as we all know, there is little chance anyone but a true active fruit-bearing Christian will actually be willing to suffer for their faith: most "Christians" today can't be bothered to suffer through a 1/2 hour sermon, much less accept actual suffering for the cause of Christ.

Seeing as the name of Jesus Christ is so precious, is it really appropriate to apply it to just anyone who says a prayer and does little if anything more for Him? Might there be a difference between just a believer going to heaven, and an actual Christian, a follower of Christ? After all, a follower is one who lays aside all to take up their cross and follow. salvation is free, but to go further will cost-are those who don't pay a cost Christians, or just believers?

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9 hours ago, Jim_Alaska said:

I have always believed that they were first called Christians at Antioch because of their likeness to Christ and His teaching and life. In other words the people saw Christ in His people.

But see, that's my point: How many so-called "Christians", even many who may well be born again, can you see Christ in these days? IF we see little or no fruit, by which we are told we will know them by, can they be considered "Christians"?

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