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Mosque and parking

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I have to vent for a bit......

Some of you may know that we have the honour of having a mosque right next to our church building.

Well in the more than ten years I have been here we have had an ongoing battle with their people using our carpark on Fridays (their normal day of getting together and bowing to false gods.)

I have tried everything I can think of to stop them, from asking nicely, leaving notes on the cars, leaving tracts on the cars, waiting and talking to individuals...….

I have emailed and spoken to their leadership who constantly say that they do what they can, but nothing seems to change.

They suggested that I close our gate on Fridays.

So I have finally taken to closing our gate and today I go to get a coffee in our kitchen that looks out onto our carpark and lo and behold, the gate is open and a car is parked in our car park.

I immediately go out to close the gate again and the guy is returning at that moment, so I ask if he opened the gate. He says yes he did.

I ask him why he thought that was OK, and from there ensues an argument where he says it is a mistake and I say you don't open a gate and park illegally by mistake.

Then three other guys come over and gang up on me, and try to "calm things down" - now I was a little heated but I was under control.

Then they proceeded to accuse me of being disrespectful because I refuse to accept that opening a gate and parking illegally fits the definition of "a mistake".

Also, the guy said he used to be able to park here in the past...….. I have been here for more than ten years and never had an individual muslim seek permission to park in our carpark.....

One of the guys said "I can't say what I want to say to you because it is Friday and I am not allowed"......

I would not be surprised to find that we have damage to our building in the next few days.



OK, I think I am done now......

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We will put up parking signs, and then if necessary we can have them ticketed or towed.

It just amazed me that a guy would open a closed gate to park, and then they said I was being unreasonable. 

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The Bible says that human government is intended by the Lord as a "terror" to "evil works".  Here's to praying for as many Muslims as whosoever will be saved, and our government cracking down on the rest and shipping them back to wherever they came from.

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