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Do you (whomever wants to respond) think that miracles, signs, healings and prophecy are still occurring today? 

I know the IFB position is no.

But we all know miracles occur everyday. 

Speaking for myself, I've had quite a few dreams come to reality.

Or are things we see now, such as healings, not necessarily healing miracles, but just the will of God playing out? If the will of God is going to prevail regardless, why continue to pray for a healing or miracle?

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There are a few different subjects there.

Miracles and healings do happen today, and I believe my pastor would agree. I think the usual position is that they do not occur as regular sign gifts in the same way as seen in the early church.  

Signs & wonders are also part of the sign gifts, which were given for a particular purpose which I believe has passed. Even at the time, there were specific reasons/limitations given ('sign to the Jews, etc.). Any supposed signs & wonders today should be run by those requirements. In my experience (I have some Pentecostal background), these requirements are not met or even considered by those professing to engage in  the 'sign gifts'. We also have to be careful since, as I was telling Lucius, Satan can counterfeit these wonders.

We know that the canon of Scripture has been fulfilled, so I would question whether prophecy is needed in the same way as it was when (and before) the Bible was being written (and the sign gifts, since their purpose was often to prove that God was with the prophets). Anyone seeking to call themselves a prophet would have to meet the test of Scripture - are they 100%, all the time, specifically accurate?   Since we have a more clear word of Prophecy (i.e. the Bible), any perceived direction (i.e. dreams) would need to be tested by God's Word. I would be leery of trusting dreams and wonders where we have God's Word for direction.

That being said, I've heard of Muslims being led to follow Christ through dreams - but these were people that had zero access to the Bible.  I've also heard, from a trusted Christian elder, of an occurrence in a jungle where a missionary had a conversation and shared the Gospel (in English) with someone only to find out later that that person couldn't understand English!  I personally believe that the Holy Spirit can and does perform miracles, healings, and even wonders (like tongues) when He deems it fit, but it is not a regularly given 'sign gift' as per the early church and Pentecostal teachings.

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