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Way of Life:Why Are You Opposed to Drums?

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We are not opposed to drums or any other musical instrument; we are opposed to the use of drums in a wrong way.
A drum or an electric guitar or an electronic keyboard is not evil or wrong in itself.
First of all, we are opposed to the use of drums to produce rhythms that are sensual or sexual in nature.
The Bible says that this world is fallen and is under the dominion of sinful men and demons, and God’s people are to separate from the evil things of this world. The Bible makes a sharp distinction between the holy and the profane (Ezek. 22:26), between God and..
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As do I. I love to hear a good orchestra that has instruments in balance. I hate having to listen to thumpity-thumpity "praise" music.

Instruments in and of themselves are not evil. They are tools in the hands of the musicians and far too often in churches they are used in a questionable if not downright worldly way (even a piano can be misused). It is a wise pastor who forestalls that. 

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