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I was on here a few years ago and learned a lot! I had trouble for many years getting OB software to work on my laptops and just gave up. Now I don’t have a working computer but am using my iPhone to access OB. Hopefully, I won’t have anymore problems. Looking forward to catching up with users I remember and meeting new ones. I’m no longer a “miss” but a “mrs” happily since 2016!

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    • By DaChaser
      Hello, my name is David, and posting as brand new member on this Board. My wife and I are soon to celebrate 20th anniversity, and have sons recently graduated from High School, and both of them we adopted from Russia while infants.
      The Lord saved me while in College, and have run the entire viewpoints within Chrsitianity, as was first in a Pentacostal church and was a teaching Elder there, then moved to Free will baptist church, and now currently on pastoral prayer team and involved in Chidren church with my Baptist Church. I am currently seeing things salvation wise from the Calvinistic/Reformed side, but all other things pretty much still baptist!
    • By Particular Baptist
      Dear brethren, greeting from Him that has loved us and made us accepted in the beloved. I hold to the Baptist Catechism of 1693 and 1689 Second London Confession (though do not maintain eternal generation or Calvinism), maintain the five solae and read the Authorized Version, God's pure, preserved word in English nine times a year. Thusly, that means maintaining and defending the Second Rabbinic Bible (Daniel Bomberg ben Chayyim 1252 Hebrew text) as well as the Byzantine text (typically Scrivener's or Beza's fifth edition). However, while no modernist, I am no longer a fundamentalist but a Particular Baptist. This means the beliefs of those such as John Bunyan, Issac Bakkus, Benjamin Keach are quite similar to mine. Would I be welcome if not a fundamentalist? May we all love and glorify (Ps. 115; I Jn. 1-5) the only Potentate, king of kings and Lord of Lords. 
      Should one not know the solae, shame on you! They are solus Christus, soli Deo gloria, sola fide, sola gratia and sola and tota scriptura. These in one form or another have been the Christian creed from the beginning.
    • By Lynnie86
      Hey there,
      I was referred to the forum by a friend when discussing denominations and what not. We don't have any KJV Baptist churches anywhere near me, so I am kind of starving for some interaction with people who believe similar to what I do! Looking forward to perusing the site and making new friends!
    • By Montanabeliever
      Hello.  I am Shawn Atchison and I live in Montana.  I'm a lover of the outdoors and go camping or fishing every summer.  Nice when you can do both, but not always possible.

      I got saved at a pastors conference I attended with my pastor over in Eastern Washington about 3 years ago.  Since then I have been reading the Bible and trying to learn to study it.  I haven't come as far in my walk as I'd like, but I realize that I'm a work in progress and so I keep having faith in God to do the work in me.

      I found this site via a link on Facebook I think.  It's nice to be here.
    • By Cat
      Hello all! My name is Cat and I am new to the forums.
      I was recently saved in October of last year, and am studying and learning daily.
      I attend an independent fundamental Baptist church, and hope to meet other like-minded Baptists here.
      Ultimately, I am here to learn and grow closer to the Lord.
      I hope you all have a blessed day!
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