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Matt Souza

Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card

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Online Baptist turned 17 today. 

We are so thankful for each of you that are part of Online Baptist, and as a thank you and for a little fun for our birthday month, we are having a contest. The winner of this contest will relieve a $25 Amazon or Visa gift card.

Rules of the contest are simple...the last one to post in the following thread below in the month of February 2019 will win. That means the last one to post in that thread on February 28 before the clock hits midnight will win, and you can't post back to back. We will be going with the time of the server that Online Baptist is hosted on, so watch the boards the correct time zone.

Here is the thread for the contest.

Anyone can win except me. Long time member or a new member, makes no difference as long as you are the last one to post in that thread in the month of February 2019


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The only time we recognise is GMT.  Standardised time was introduced when we got the railways.  The time in Bristol was something like 11 minutes different from London, so they had to introduce a "mean time" to balance that out so the raillways could have a reliable timetable.

I have no idea how board time will match with our time, so I won't be partaking, but Happy Birthday


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2 minutes ago, Salyan said:

I feel like board time is probably six-seven hours behind GMT, so you’d probably have an advantage, Invicta!  You can  post at 6:55 am  and beat all us sleepyheads. 😉

I am hardly likely to be up at that time Salyan;. These days I sleep in late. 

Today I was up before 7.00 but that is unusual these days.   

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