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Last year finished neatly with our adult SS series coming to an end as we closed off for the year.

Traditionally this church has taken a Sunday School break over the Christmas school break time (Australia remember - this is our "long break").

So I had a few weeks to ponder the new Adult Sunday School direction. (I will often try to take a bit of time when the load is lighter and plan the coming year).

One of the ladies of our church came to me and said that she had started reading Isaiah and was finding it difficult, and noted that she had never heard anyone preach through Isaiah.

So I decided to go through Isaiah for our Adult Sunday School. Now our format is a more technical teaching time in Sunday School, but we also only have around 20 mins of teaching time.

So as I have begun the study, and then two weeks ago started the lessons, I noted to the people here that even with a chapter a week it would take us 66 weeks to finish it, but with only a short lesson time, I was expecting to be complete sometime around 2048...……..

It is such a long book that I suspect that is why so few preach through it - it is a huge commitment for both the Pastor and the listeners. And of course it is very complex with the intertwining of history, prophecy, and teaching, etc - and I want to do it properly.

Everyone is excited as we are starting it - including me - but I am nervous about it also.

Anyway - just thought I would chat about it here a little.


Our basic run down at this time is:

Isaiah - Adult Sunday School;

Biblical Worship - main service;

Rejoicing - Evening Service.

Prayer Meeting is a devotion time, not a full message, and shared between myself and some of the men, with the emphasis of time upon sharing prayer requests and praying together.

And I am running a DVD series on personal spiritual health early Sunday afternoons.

(I meant to add in that I will preach as the Lord leads off these topics - I am not so strict with my schedule that it is absolutely unchangeable.)


What series are you preparing/ progressing through right now?

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I have been teaching through Mark for the last 2 years. We just finished chapter 12 this past Sunday. Unfortunately because of my duties in the Navy I will be starting work ups for deployment in a few weeks so the class is being passed off to another teacher. With the couple weeks I have left I didn't want to start chapter 13 and not be able to finish so I am going to use my remaining time to go through Philemon.

If I get the opportunity to teach again on a regular basis I would like to do I and II Thessalonians.

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Adult Sunday School -- The Life of Christ (using a chronological harmony of all four gospels, which will likely take us years to come)
Sunday Morning Service -- Just finished a series entitled, "The Means for Perfecting Growth" (7 messages); returning to some messages on a series through Psalm 119 (which I have engaged off and on throughout multiple years in the past)
Sunday Evening Service -- A series of messages from the end of Exodus 13 & through Exodus 14 concerning God's leading into trials. Then a lengthy series entitled, "Beware of Hypocrisy." (likely at least 14 messages)
Wednesday Evening Service -- A slow study through Numbers (for the school year months, started years ago in Genesis, through Exodus & Leviticus) (Often venture away for Bible questions or circumstantial "rabbit trails" that present in the moment.)
Monthly Faithful Men's Bible Study -- A very in depth, line by line study through 1 Peter (started 9.5 years ago, just entered chapter 4 - Is anyone who knows me surprised) 😀

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At our church we normally do an in-depth, verse-by-verse, study of a book of the Bible in our adult Sunday school class. Detailed notes of every Sunday school lesson are passed out every Sunday morning. After folks ask questions, on occasion, I add to the notes, and pass out a revised lesson the next week. Since the inception of the church all of the lessons, and all of the church bulletins,  are placed in a church notebook for every particular study in the church library. Our church library is located in the vestibule of our church and freely used by all.

Since December 2018 we have been doing an in-depth study of 1 & 2 Thessalonians at our Sunday school class.

Our pastor in training, Brother Gwoh, selects his own messages for the preaching services. Almost all of his messages are expository messages. One of the aspects of the ministry that he has learned well is that the pulpit is for the proclamation of the whole counsel of the word of God and the backbone of the church. His job is to preach with zeal, faithfulness to the scriptures, and with the desired result of seeing folks saved and then taught the word of God in order to live a Godly life.

As per my example, due to most folks not having a Bible, or not familiar with the books of the Bible, a list of the passages that brother Gwoh quotes is printed on one of the pages of the church bulletin and the main passage has the page number in the Bible so a person can turn to. This way there is not time consumed in searching for passages and visitors are not embarrassed in trying to find a passage. 


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Just trolling through old posts and found this one. Time for an update: Isaiah 29 currently. 2 years.......

AM service is answering questions people are asking on a sign up sheet. Been very interesting so far.

PM is nominally "Ships". (But this can be anything from Noah's Ark to fishing boats to friendSHIP and fellowSHIP).

But 29 chapters in 100ish weeks.... 😊

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