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Had never heard of it but, doing an online search I see that it's out there and has adherents. 

Have you ever heard a Calvinist explain the need for grace among men? I never have heard their argument.

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Yep, I did an online search but it was pretty sketchy . . . even had one for Calminian Baptists.

So, I wonder if they take the bad stuff of Calvinism and the good stuff of Arminianism, or the bad stuff of Arminianism and the good stuff of Calvinism?

More likely it is the bad stuff from both since there isn't a whole lot of good.

All the Calvinists are pretty proud of the fact that they were picked, no, hand-picked, by God because they were better than all those publicans. What need of grace do they even have?

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There is an online pastor, Jim Wilhelmson, who claims to be a combo of Calvinist & Armenian.  He is very controversial in other ways.  He believes in a hollow earth which is the current residency of the 10 lost tribes of Israel.  He believes in both satanic ritual abuse & alien abuductions (with abuse or unintended trauma).

Some of his ideas I dont mind.  But others - if he's right then it does not change salvation by grace & grace alone.  But it certainly changes biblical history as we know it from the canons.  He considers the apocgrypha & other extra biblical books as informative unless it directly contradicts (his version) of the biblical account.  That leaves some very wide latitude. 

He is however good at pointing out certain contradictions in the generally accepted (both protestant & catholic) accounts.  While I dont accept that Cain was any but Adam's son, he correctly questions whom Cain married & for whom Cain's cities were built, IMO.  In other words, Genesis certainly left out a lot of pertinent details there.  I think its possible the  6th day "made them males and females" of Gen. 1:27  *might* be a separate event from creation of Adam & the Eve/rib event. 

Dont attack.  Im just reserving it as a possibility. 

But I disregard most of his more unverifiable statements that come from various books of Enoch, etc. 

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Wow just wow! Just when I think I have heard it all something like this comes along. I think the following Scripture is in order:

 Acts 17:21 (For all the Athenians and strangers which were there spent their time in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new thing.) 

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