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$1000 to be allowed to help homeless?

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I recently spoke to a kind hearted gentleman who simply wants to help the homeless, the fatherless, and the helpless in my community.

He came across a "ministry" of Joyce Meyers, called Hand of Hope, and decided that it sounded just like what he wanted to be involved in.

Turns out that if he pays them $1000, they will make up to a million dollars available to him to start a Hand of Hope supported ministry to the homeless.

So he stumped up $1000 to Joyce Meyers, and is now waiting for the next step...…...

If this came in a letter from Nigeria, hardly anyone would give it a second look, because it would obviously be a scam, but Joyce Meyers name on it, and this guy - and I can only assume many others, throw money at them.

It will be interesting to see what happens.


If they have a million dollars to give out, why do they need his $1000?

And they told him to download a phone app so they talk privately.

Anyone else heard of this sort of thing? - I did a brief search but couldn't turn up any other instances of people being required to donate before getting this help.

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