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Quick intro and testimony

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I was saved at the tender age of 6 in a Southern Baptist church ministry in Hawaii (dad was a military man). At the time my parents weren't really church going people, and during the summer the church had a program where neighbor kids would meet at different members' homes for Bible studies and games. One of the weeks a missionary (I can't remember where he served) spoke at the Bible study. At the end he asked if anyone wanted to accept Christ's offer of salvation, and I did! After that I started going to church with the neighbor, and when I'd get home I would ask my mom questions about the Bible that she couldn't answer. This went on for a few months until she finally decided to come to church to see what they were teaching. At that service she rededicated her life to the Lord (she had been saved as a teenager) and she ensured that my sisters and I always went to church from then on. About 4 years later my father had a close brush with death, and he rededicated his life to the Lord and took up the mantle of spiritual head of our little family. It wasn't too long (maybe a few months) before he began researching which churches are the closest to what is seen in the Bible and he discovered Independent Baptists. He had grown up Free Will Baptist, so besides the belief that one can lose their salvation, there wasn't too much of a difference. From that point on we have been Independent Baptists.

I recently relocated to Pennsylvania and am visiting churches in my new area. There are 4 Independent Baptist churches within 30 minutes of my home. Years ago I was an active member of the online forum Historic Baptist Symposium, and I used the same handle - Propovednik. If there are any other HBS members here, you will likely remember me. I haven't been fellowshiping online much for the past 4 or 5 years because life has just been too busy with wife, kids, church, work, and planning a big move. Hopefully we will have a lot of fruitful discussions together!

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Nice testimony. Thank God for the Neighborhood Bible Clubs for kids. Statistics are high for young people getting saved, but when you get up in the middle years it becomes exceedingly difficult. Your story is also sad in a way. Your parents rededicated their lives to the Lord, which is great and quite a wonderful thing. But because they had drifted away from the Lord, you might not have been saved -- even though the knowledge of the Cross was right there within arm's length. I wish that discouraged people would only realize that if there was one good reason not to drift away from the Lord, it is their children.

I went to Laz-Y-Boy and bought a neat custom made recliner just for this website. It has a vibrating seat, a heat source, a built-in refrigerator (where I can keep my cold soft drinks, pretzels, and candy apples), and an attached keyboard. I am ready to rumble! er, ramble . . . 

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Thank you for your testimony.

I also appreciate the testimony of how your father decided to become an independent Baptist through research in the scriptures.

Looking forward to having some fine fellowship and discussions.

If you feel like telling us where you are moving to, and maybe the story on the word, 'Propovednik,' that would be interesting to us.

Either way, God bless you and your family.

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