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Why Large Families?

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20 hours ago, Shoostie said:

A great concern I have with churches that push

Actually the first two paragraphs of your post start with this statement.....

Your post is ABSOLUTELY about churches....

And you should not go around accusing people of trolling when you know nothing about them.

By the way, would you like to go to the intro section and introduce yourself properly there?

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist
11 minutes ago, Shoostie said:

Yes, Dave, my first two paragraphs I use the word "churches" and that apparently triggered you like a bell to Pavlov's dog.  It's absurd to accuse me of writing about churches, as the topic rather than just incidentally.   I could easily have expressed the same thoughts without the word "churches", because my post is not about churches.   I could have left out the word churches and instead referred to "people trying to grow their families" through adoption.  But, why not make an incidental comment about churches pushing this family-size behavior?   Why not? Because it triggers you.

Yes, Dave, you are trolling.

Using your reasoning, I could declare you shouldn't accuse me when you know nothing about me.

It's also hypocritical of you to post off-topic to berate me.  The topic is large families, not me. 

Consider the beam in your eye.  And, consider the higher standards you should hold yourself to as a moderator.








Hey Dave, get back on topic.  The topic isn't about kids being arrested.  The topic is large families.  

Why so angry?

You yourself denoted the topic of your post to be relating to churches when you introduced that into the opening statements of your paragraphs. And by the way, I was not accusing, just pointing out the facts of the matter.

Secondly, this is no way trolling, but defending someone whom you attacked unjustly.

Hypocrital to defend someone unjustly attacked in the place they were attacked? no way. If you genuinely believed that, you would not have answered this in this thread......

And I am not a moderator...….. 

Finally - answering a post directly is not off topic......

Why so angry all the time? 

This doesn't have to be as unpleasant as you are making it.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist
2 hours ago, Shoostie said:

If you're not the moderator, then leave the moderating up to the moderator.

I'm not angry, I'm just checking you.  


Can not one member discuss a matter with another?

If I see someone attacking a friend of mine, I think I am absolutely to come to their defence.

And again, if you genuinely believed that you would not be answering this post, but leaving it to the moderators to handle...….

This is simply a mechanism to shut me up. But I will defend when it is necessary, and I will question when it is necessary.

If you are so concerned with rules and regulations of the board, you would have read them before you started posting and you would have done the polite thing and introduced yourself in the intro section.


By the way, you may not be intending to come across in this manner, but you are presenting as angry. It can very hard to interpret "feeling" and emotion in written form, but this is the way you are "coming across" - as angry and aggressive. This may not be your intent, but it the way it appears.

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last paragraph added and phone spelling
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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist
6 hours ago, Shoostie said:

If you're not the moderator, then leave the moderating up to the moderator.

I'm not angry, I'm just checking you.  



The above post (that you made) was directed at DaveW and came some time after the following post that you made in response to Salyan...


9 hours ago, Shoostie said:

Excuse you.  My post is about large families, not churches.  I wrote three paragraphs.  The first is about growing families through adoption.  The second paragraph, even though I didn't explain my reasoning, is that we are using immigration to compensate for smaller families.  The third paragraph is most explicitly about large families.  Are you trolling me?


You must be unaware that Salyan IS a moderator here...she moderated your post, and you responded with disrespect and sarcasm.

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  • Moderators
On 9/13/2019 at 12:17 AM, Shoostie said:

If you're not the moderator, then leave the moderating up to the moderator.

I'm not angry, I'm just checking you.  

 I am finding this juxtaposition in assumptions rather amusing.  The moderator did moderate you, and you responded rudely and dismissively. 

On this board, we expect our members to treat each other with respect. Please confine yourself to discussing the matter at hand without ad hominem attacks. Now, BACK TO TOPIC. Any further discussion/comments on any subject other than large families will result in this thread being locked.

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  • 2 months later...

 God will let Christian parents know in some way when enough kids are enough. His methods vary; the mom (or dad) may develop a medical issue, attention may be drawn to available finances & resources, or parents may know in their hearts they have enough kids.

   And the couples who produce  the children who are best-prepared for adult life have given each child enough ATTENTION.

  Remember, even a woman in her 40s still has about a thousand healthy eggs in her ovaries, and a normal man produces millions of sperm per batch of semen, so for most, fertility is no prob. That doesn't mean a couple should try to use every one of them!


  But let each Christian couple follow GOD in the number of children it has.

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On 3/10/2019 at 12:59 PM, Miss Daisy said:

First, let me preface this with the fact my grandmother's funeral is today and we a lot of family in town. Last night, a few of us got together for dinner at the hotel. I have one cousin and his wife which were there with their 6 kids.  And his older son. He was going to go into the Catholic priesthood, but just before that, he learned his girlfriend was pregnant. He had one child with her. He married his wife and they now have 6 small children. However, from what I know is he has never been self sufficient, providing for his family on his own. He believes God will provide. And he does. But a lot of financial support is from his father. Who's current wife is rightfully angry at the fact the grandfather of the 7 kids helps support them and his 35 year old son and wife.  They're both great parents, but I'm conflicted of them having more until they can independently support their current family. But it's also not my business and I would never say anything to them. 

Thanks for your honesty and two cents.  It really is how the Lord leads.   Some of us have health conditions too, which limits how much we can reasonably care for each child.  I have never had kids yet, but I have been informed by more than one specialist to inform by doctors as soon as I plan on having kids so that my pregnancy could be planned accordingly.

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