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Looking for Missionaries for Missions Conference

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I am assisting my Pastor with organizing a missions conference at our church for October of 2019. We do not have an exact date in October yet but I will update when more information comes available. The church is Heavenly Heights Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. We are looking at doing a Wednesday through Sunday Conference. 

My pastor is communicating with Dr. Burge the President of Baptist Missions to Forgotten People to be the keynote speaker. I am looking to see if anyone here is or can recommend missionaries that are interested in being a part of the conference. I am looking for missionaries on deputation and veterans that are home in furlough. We have spots for 4 missionaries and all would have the opportunity to preach and share their ministry. 

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested or if you have someone you would like to recommend that you may be able to put me in contact with. I appreciate all the help and support.

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Sure, we're interested. Contact us any time, Thanks.

Clifford and Mary Middlebrooks to Nicaragua


copy and paste into browser:   https://sway.com/jyucmVDzBtzgHiDI?ref=Link for our interactive sway which includes our 8 min DVD presentation

We are aiming for a departure date early 2020.

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