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Really Sad Prayer Request

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One of the young ladies who helped in our nursing home ministry in IN during her college years was killed when an oil tanker hit her. She had her oldest son (not quite 3 years old) with her.  She was killed instantly and her son was life-flighted to the hospital. He had two surgeries and is expected to have a full recovery.

She leaves behind that son, a younger boy, her husband, and her parents, siblings, and other family members. She was only 26 years old.

There are things I don't feel comfortable sharing, but this was a real tragedy in a number of ways. Please be praying for the family and the church (her father is the pastor, and her husband is an assistant there). Thank you.

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Very sad. It is our hope that the father will have strength to carry on his duties as the assistant pastor of the church. We are glad to hear that Enoch is expected to make a full recovery. Thank you for the photo.

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One of the nurses had to turn Enoch today. As he turned, she got a hug...and then Grandma B. got one, Dad did, and Grandpa B.  I'm going to try and post a picture of it...what a blessing!

Pastor McGovern, the paternal grandfather, posted this message earlier:  

"[My wife] and I want to say thank you for all the prayer and support for our family and the Bickfords. 
Enoch is doing very well. He still needs prayer and is still in ICU. He is improving each day and we are very thankful to the Lord for his recovery!

It is a miracle he is alive! The Lord had people on scene at the time of the accident to be a help. The first person to stop was a nurse who witnessed what happened. The next vehicle on I95 coming up was an ambulance with paramedics able to help. So within seconds medical personal were on the scene and able to help Enoch. Such a miracle!
Continue to pray for Daniel as he has lost his wife whom he loved dearly! He needs our prayers and support. He is now a single dad with a 10 month old and 2 year old who has been critically injured!"

The group photo is of the paternal family. Daniel, the father, is the one to the left of Enoch. Paternal grandparents to the right. One of Daniel's sisters and her husband in front of him.

The hug photos are Enoch and Dad, and his maternal grandparents.



hugs dad.jpg

hugs grandma.jpg

hugs grandpa.jpg


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As I said in my first post, there were things I wasn't comfortable with sharing. However, it is now public knowledge (and the family is talking about it), so I decided to share this article. Heidi struggled with depression for many years. And, sadly, it got the better of her. An accidental death is tragedy enough. But when one chooses to take their own life...and tries to take a child with them...I think that ups the tragedy aspect in multiples.


The family of Heidi McGovern is speaking out about a pain no family should have to endure.

McGovern ended her own life Thursday evening by stepping in front of a tanker truck on Interstate 95 outside the town of Lincoln. She had been holding her 2-year-old son, Enoch, in her arms.

He was thrown away from the truck, landing in the passing lane of the highway.

The first few people to come to his aid were a nurse, an EMT, and an ambulance returning home from Bangor.

Miraculously, he survived, and is at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center in serious condition.

"We look at that like God said to Heidi, 'Okay Heidi, I'll take you, but I'm not done with Enoch,'" said Brenda Bickford, McGovern's mother.

Now, the family is remembering McGovern for more than the tragic way her life came to an end.

"She was the sweetest person," said Daniel McGovern, Heidi's husband, fighting back tears. "That's what most people would say. Just the nicest, sweetest person you ever met."

They say McGovern was smart, artistic, and a perfectionist. She loved her family, parents, sisters, brother, husband, and her children.

"He'd say, 'my favorite sister is Heidi because she doesn't pick on me,'" said Mitchell Bickford, McGovern's father, reciting what her only brother would say. "She never would say an unkind word about anybody."

"Anything she decided she wanted to do, if she did it, it couldn't be done in a better way," said Daniel McGovern.

At some point though, her depression took control, and it caused her to take her own life.

"She was convinced, I mean, definitely we believe wrongly so, but she was convinced she was doing what was the right thing," said Daniel McGovern.

"She was sad but she held it in, had a smile on her face, and just kept it to herself," said Brenda Bickford. "We tried to encourage her and this is how she chose to go and she didn't want Enoch to suffer like her."

"I cannot understand this tragedy, why or how, it's just something I can't wrap my mind around, but we can see that God has a plan for it, a purpose for it," said Daniel McGovern.

The family's faith never wavering even in this time of grief.

McGovern's husband and father are both pastors at a church in Lee, a mere ten miles from the crash site.

"It is difficult, but I always have that peace there that I can rely on and rest on and that strength," said Daniel McGovern.

"We have our crashes definitely and we hug and cry and then the Lord lifts us up," added Brenda Bickford.

The family hasn't decided when or how they will tell McGovern's children about what happened to her, instead choosing to focus on Enoch's physical health.

"Watching him heal is healing our hearts too," said Brenda Bickford.

The family says Enoch's health is improving every day. On Tuesday, he pulled out all of the wires and tubes attached to him and called his blue body cast "blue legs," letting the hospital staff sign it.

The family, first responders, and hospital staff all agree, it's a miracle he's alive.

"He's so young, I doubt he'll remember it," said Daniel McGovern. "At some point, I'm sure we'll have to talk about his mom."

"It'll become a different way of life."

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