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A Father and Son Moment

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There is a park, by my home, that I frequent.  I drive there almost every day for an hour or so, to read and pray.

Today, as I was driving to my usual spot, I saw that the entire park was empty, with the exception of a father and his young son.  It was a beautiful day and they were sitting, side by side, on a bench next to a baseball diamond and their heads were bowed.  I thought to myself, "How nice to see such a thing.  It looks as if they are having a heart to heart or, possibly, even praying together."  Then, as I drove past them, I looked over and saw that they were both looking down at the father's smart phone; they were apparently playing a video game.

After a while, as I was reading my book, I looked over at them and they were still staring down at the tiny screen in the father's hands, completely oblivious to the three white-tailed deer coming out of the woods in front of them.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

When my wife was pregnant with our son, she had to go to a specialist for "problem births". The reason being...her age. 

Every time we went...in the waiting room...every one of the "fathers" (who were there) had their heads buried in their phones while the "mothers" sat there with concern on their faces. I never saw one moment of conversation between any of them, nor did I see even one of the "fathers" offering comfort and/or support during their time in the waiting room...but at least they had their smart phone.

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