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On 10/29/2018 at 9:21 AM, Pastorj said:

We had a library at the 2nd church I pastored. We didn't keep track of who took what. It was completely on the honor system. I scoured thrift stores and found many conservative books for $1/book. We had a budgeted line item for books, but rarely used it all. I got an entire series of John R. Rice's books for $10.


Wow! That's a great price! I do have plans to go to the thrift stores here in town. The Goodwill has a large section, and many of those are hardback. 

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A couple of weeks ago, I went in to our library to add our most recent books. I had to move books from one shelf to another. As I began to remove some, 2 of the shelves fell, bringing the books on them down, just missing my toes! So...

I asked my husband to consider the idea of the church purchasing new shelving, that would be more steady and secure for the books. He had me do some research online, and I ran some pictures off of possible cases. We went to Walmart to look at one as well. He presented the pictures to the men (due to not having deacons, he meets with the men to discuss things before church business meetings). They were not thrilled with those bookcases - they wanted something more solid. So they tasked him to find something better...even though more expensive.

So he brought it up at the meeting itself, and everyone agreed that we should find better quality (although I do think these would have worked). I found a shelving unit that is 6' by 6', with 15 shelves, 3 of them stationary to add stability to the shelves. It will fit perfectly against the wall in our room - with 6 inches to spare on either side.

He brought the picture and description of the shelf to church that next Wednesday night, and we voted on purchasing it. It arrived today! We had it shipped to our house because there aren't people at the church every day. Now we will get it to the church and get it put together. I am SO excited!!

We are closing in on 200 volumes. I'll have to post a picture once we get it all arranged.

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