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Pronounced "You - stri - anity".

Defined as "A form of christianity which is focused entirely on the person presenting themselves as christian."

All their christianity is focused on benefitting them. Could also be called "Me-strianity".

Anyone ever heard of these two terms before?

I know that we have all heard the description - seeker centered church, seeker sensitive church are prime examples, but has anyone heard the terms "Youstrianity" or "Mestrianity" before?

If not then I want to claim them for my daughter- we were talking about stuff to do with the Christian life and she called it "Youstrianity" - when people forget about the Lord and make it all about themselves.

I asked where she got it from and she said she made it up.

So if no one has ever heard them before, I want to claim the right of "made-up-ship" for my daughter, this 7th day of September 2018.


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