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How to interpret the bible

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Jordan Kurecki

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Brother Robycop -

I’ve read through several of your posts, but I’m still confused why you are so hostile toward the KJV

I understand that the KJV may seem archaic, but at the very least I would think you would appreciate the efforts of the translators and the impact it has had on the Christian world. I can’t prove it, but my guess would be that God has used the KJV to bring more people to the throne of Grace than any other translation.

i personally am NOT in the KJV Only camp, but I do prefer it used for preaching in IFB churches. In my own studies I like using the KJV, NSAB, and the ESV.

Having said that, I see absolutely nothing wrong with people holding the KJV Only position, and believe that using words like “goofs” and “booboos” to describe the Word of God (in the KJV) is disrespectful. Contemporary (language) doesn’t always mean better or superior, and you acknowledge that yourself since you have expressed dislike for translations like the Message and other watered down “paraphrase” translations.

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