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HA Melton

The Face of Evil

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A few months ago I came face to face with an image of evil that manifested itself through another, during a brief meeting at church. It is hard to adequately detail the image of evil I 'really' witnessed short of an artistic rendition.  This individual came against me to the point that either satan himself or just a run of the mill demon manifested over this man and needless to say, the experience unnerved me initially while almost instantly a peace came over me. It was like nothing I had ever witnessed before! I ended the meeting and departed the room.


Basically, what I witnessed was a face of evil in that a shadow fell over this man like he was wearing a large Mexican Sombrero hat that shadowed his upper torso; the face that I saw was much bigger than a human face; it was a dull red in color; no horns; big broad teeth; big eyes that were wide apart and appeared somewhat bloodshot.  What struck me the most was the enormous evil that emanated itself of which no artist could ever capture. Of those of us who were in the room that evening I was the only one who witnessed (saw) this evil. The other men did not.


When you're trying to explain something like this as to what you saw it's almost impossible as there is nothing on earth to compare it with, for the most part.


Last night I was watching a you-tube video regarding people who claim to live in 'haunted houses'. During one segment of this video an artist rendition of satan/evil flashed on the screen. I was shocked as that is almost the very image I had witnessed. What I witnessed did not have any 'fangs' (K-9) teeth, no horns, no pitchfork..., just a face of evil.  


Here's the link. The image flashes at Time Marker (37:25) if you'd like to see. It only flashed up for a brief second..., but this is basically what I saw superimposed over the other individual.


Over the years my wife and I have belonged to many churches up and down the East Coast the result of my varied employment.  Sad to say that almost all of them have an evil side consumed by church politics.  satan (he's not worthy of capitalising) is not in the dead churches as they are already dead but he is alive and well in churches that do preach Jesus.  This church we were attending did preach Jesus but the one I ran up against has 'deep pockets'.  As such, the day following the pastor called me and delivered a verbal reprimand for my upsetting the status quo.  That was it for us!  We have decided to abstain from ever joining another church.  We still attend 'another' church but have decided to steer clear of membership. Membership requires a certain amount of contributing.  As I left I told the pastor that all I wanted to do was contribute and participate but the money changers wouldn't allow it. 


I've spared all of the grisly details but in a nutshell, my intent was to incorporate in the Statement of Faith our position on same sex marriage.  As a result the gates of hell unleashed on me.   Come to find out two of the more prominent members had such in their family and had no desire to rock the boat by supporting such in church.   

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Demons are "spirit" beings, which means that they have the ability to discern whether or not there are any negative emotions within us (e.g., unregulated fear, hatred, anger, jealousy, etc.). These unclean spirits feed off of our negative emotions; and to them these negativity is considered food (i.e., "spiritual sustenance") to them. A friend of mine once encountered an evil spirit in the form of a tiny creature (about 2 1/2 ft. tall). This creature spoke into his mind telepathically and told him that he wanted to kill him, and that it was food to him. These evil spirits can assume many forms and usually come through portals from other dimensions. Entertaining yourself with Ouija boards and other occultic objects can open a gateway for them to enter our world.

Jesus saith unto them, My [MEAT] to do the will of Him that sent me, and to finish his work. (John 4:34)

I would also not be concerned or give any thought to what demons think about us. In fact, the only safe course is to behave as if they don't exist even while we understand that they do. What I'm saying is to be as far away from them as humanly possible. If we respond to situations as if demons were involved, we are playing their game on their field, and that is beyond dangerous. The "only" thing we can do is pray, but that is a wonderful and incredibly powerful thing. We have access direct to the throne room of heaven and can ask the Father and Son themselves to help us. That is far more useful than any delegated "power" we might personally possess. Demons cannot possess believers, and can only be ejected from unbelievers through prayer, but if the person doesn't commit to faith in Christ, there is nothing stopping reentering (cf. Matt. 12:43-45). There are no "ghosts". There are demons. What they can do is restricted by God, and believers will never have to worry about them . . . unless making the tragic error of "playing footsie" with them. So stay away from having any conversation or contact with anyone or any situation whatsoever where there is a suspicion of their involvement. Say your prayers and move on. There are also what the bible calls a familiar spirit. A "familiar spirit" is a biblical term for a demon who is influencing or possessing or aiding a satanist or the like. We have NOTHING to fear . . . as long as we are walking with the Lord and following the Spirit's lead. But if instead we get off the path and start doing things that are not in the will of God.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12)

God Bless!

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There's also something referred to as astral projection: this is where voodoo and witchcraft practitioners can detach their spirits from their bodies. This is NOT myth or science-fiction because this has been done before where spirits have entered my home in this manner by sorcerers. I had to rebuke them in the "name [i.e., AUTHORITY] of Jesus" to expel them from my home. This is performed by sorcerers by using the "silver cord" which connects the body to the spirit. They can also use potions and charms in conjunction with astral projection.

Or ever the [SILVER CORD] be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the cistern. Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. (Ecclesiastes 12:6-7) 

This DOES NOT refer to the "spine" of a human as most bible commentators would have you believe. There were a coven of witches who had tormented a friend of mine via astral projecting their bodies using the silver cord and entering his home. He asked the Lord to deal with one witch who then had her silver cord cut -- and she died. She was deceased, and her corpse was found in her home. Sometimes the *silver cord* can be seen in photographs, and they appear in the form of a glowing rope . . . almost as if it were a flash of lightning.

Most mediums use smoke and mirrors and quackery to deceive simple-minded men and women to profit from them using basic techniques and charlatanry. However, some mediums are in fact demon possessed (cf. Acts 16:18). They have literally sold their soul to Satan in a "blood contract". When the contract is done and over with -- the devil sends an evil spirit to take their life. You can see this in HELLywood and in the drug-fuelled industry of rockstars; and Satan attempted to do this to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords (Matt. 4:1-11) -- but FAILED miserably. The spirits possessing the medium would travel to homes to gather information for the person requesting it and then bring it back to the medium. The medium then can disclose information about their family, past events in their lives, what's in their homes, etc. I often deal with crows that are demon possessed, and they would  caw continually until I, through the power of the Holy Spirit would tell them to leave in the name of Jesus -- and they leave IMMEDIATELY. Satan tries to ruin the lives of people from an early age by having children dabble with Ouiji boards from Toys "R" Us (sounds harmless, right?). Another way evil spirits can operate is through demon possessed men or women in churches (cf. Lk. 4:33). Sometimes they are *beautiful* women there to lure the Pastor into seduction and then adultery in an attempt to ruin his credibility as the shepherd of the congregation -- and turn him into a false witness for Christ.

But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, [AND SORCERERS; Grk. "pharmakeus"], and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. (Revelation 21:8)

By the way . . . evil spirits are VERY afraid of anyone who is a TRUE blood-bought child of God. There are invisible and unseen forces of good that are on your side. : )

God Bless!

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