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The Song That Never Ends.

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So I'm constantly thinking about musical notation, and how I would do certain things. Well, I ask my pastor's wife and daughter (both musicians) "have you ever thought about how you would write the music to The Song That Never Ends?" To which the mom stares at me in unbelief, and the daughter exclaims, "YES!" So are we the only weird ones out there, or do other people sit around thinking about things like that?

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i play the drums and i am learning to play the bass in my free time, so i'm no music writer, having said that, i paint and draw too, and since i have converted to Christianity (very recently) i keep thinking about how to portray Christian thoughts and beliefs but what actually happens is when i set up a fresh piece of paper to paint on, all my thoughts are gone and as soon as i put the brush on the paper it goes where it likes to go and the image that i made at the end has nothing much to do with the thoughts at all!

Stay beautiful 🙂


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