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Geneva question


question ask about it ths true? anyone know about Geneva Bible

found on note pad couldnt remember where it came from

The French atheist Voltaire was a famous writer who owned his own printin press in 
the 1700s.   He did everythin he could to disprove the Bible and once boasted that within 
25 years he would have the Bible lodged in a morgue!   Within 25 years Voltaire was in a 
morgue havin died a miserable death.   Ironically, the Geneva Bible Society bought 
Voltaire's property and press for printing the Word of God to be distributed around the 

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I'm not sure this is what you were asking, but the Geneva Bible predates the KJV by about 50 years. When the first settlers came to North America they carried the Geneva Bible with them. In fact, I recall reading that one of the reasons for some of the earlier groups coming to the new world was so they could use the Geneva Bible unmolested as the KJV became the Authorized Version - as in, it was authorized by the government for use and others were unauthorized. 

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Thought some of you might be interested in this. This is the King James Bible that John Alden brought over on the Mayflower. It can be seen in the Pilgrims museum in Plymouth Massachusetts. Not only that, but John Alden's grandson ,Noah Alden, was the baptist pastor of the First Baptist Church of Bellingham Massachusetts, who baptized Elder John Leland ,who in turn influenced James Madison to guarantee freedom of religion in the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution. If you value religious liberty in America , be thankful for the KJB and the bible believing baptist of yesteryear!

No photo description available.

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