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Urgent prayer request!

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Hey, a couple of weeks ago, I asked you to pray for a family member who is having some medical problems.

Bob is my brother in law's brother and we're very close to that part of the family. He became very sick a few months ago. Doctors were hesitant to diagnose his illness and are still not entirely sure what's going on with him.

It started out just as a bad lung infection that the doctors believe he contracted when he was renovating a basement that had a lot of mold and asbestos in it.

Then, they started tossing out words like mesothelioma and sarcoidosis.

Things have taken a turn for the worse. Bob developed a bad infection this week and was placed in ICU.

Now, the doctors have decided that they have to do surgery and do it this morning. I got a call from my mother last night telling me that the doctors aren't sure if he'll survive the surgery.

Please keep him and his doctors in your prayers today.

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THANK YOU! Thank you everybody for praying! Most of all, thank you God for your goodness!

I just got a phone call from my mother and she says that, as of 6:30, Bob is out of surgery and did so well that the doctors have chosen not to put him on a respirator.

The doctors told Bob's wife, Kate, that his vitals were very strong all through the operation.

He went from a slim chance of making it to strong vital signs and no need for a respirator. We got the call about twenty minutes ago and we've just been ecstatic ever since.

That is such a major hurdle out of the way and I really do believe that it would not have happened if not for God's mercy.

Now, he still needs your prayers.

They got two pieces of lung tissue for biopsy and now we need to pray that the biopsies come back negative for cancer.

Thank you again so much for keeping Bob in your prayers. I can't tell you all how much that means to us.

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