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The Man God Uses [Book] Oswald J Smith

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In Oswald J. Smith’s book, The Man God Uses, 1932, Fifth Impression, 1943

Marshall, Morgan & Scott, LTD., London And Edinburgh


It can be found as a download or purchased on line. There are only 116 pages.


I will caution you on overtures toward ‘Wesleyan Holiness’ and some use of MEVs of his day. Beyond those concerns, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges set forth while reading Smith’s book, The Man God Uses (TMGU). It can be found as a download or purchased on line. There are only 116 pages. I hope to put much of this to work in my own life. Any IFB will receive a challenge for their own service to Christ and ministry for His glory from reading TMGU. Keep in mind this book was first published in 1932, prior to WW2. But the need then was very similar to our need today. Excerpts are below:


The Man God Uses

Chapter 2, The Man God Uses, Pg. 9

“The trouble is that men are interested in too many things to-day to be used of God.”


Chapter 2, The Man God Uses, Pg. 10

“I am not urging that you have no other interests in life. There are duties to which you are bound to give your attention. What I do insist upon is that you make them as few as possible, and above all that you consider them as secondary,”


Chapter 3, The Separated Life, P.18

“The world has become so churchy and the Church so worldly that it is hard to distinguish the one from the other.”


Chapter 9, The Lordship Of Jesus, P.68

“Remember, Jesus must be Lord of all, or not Lord at all.”


Chapter 14, Our Most Important Work, P. 95

If soul-winning is the most important work of the church, it naturally follows that Satan will do all he can to get us side-tracked or satisfied with something else.”


“But Social Service is not Salvation: and Reformation is not Regeneration.”


I hope others will read this book. We need to see the challenge of Smith’s day remains the challenge of our day. More importantly we need to realize where our priority must be.

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