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David Cloud has a very good book (I am attaching the E-book from David Cloud's website), concerning the beliefs of Pastor Steven Anderson: https://www.wayoflife.org/free_ebooks/downloads/What_About_Steven_Anderson.pdf

Brother Cloud goes into some detail concerning Anderson's heretical beliefs concerning numerous important subjects in our age (to name a few): Repentance, Quick Prayerism, the Nation of Israel, Replacement Theology, the Coming of Christ for the church (the rapture), and others. Brother Cloud handles the issues involved in a scholarly manner, without rancor, and with a good spirit. 

Brother Cloud points out that some of the brethren in independent Baptist churches are being swayed by his beliefs.

I would recommend all of the brethren to read David Cloud's book,"What About Steven Anderson."


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    • By Alan
      I would like to do a review of the book written by Clarence Larkin, "The Spirit World." For those brethren who do not have a copy, a free PDF copy can be obtained by the following website:
      http://www.earnestlycontendingforthefaith.com/Books/Clarence Larkin/TheSpiritWorld/ClarenceLarkinTheSpiritWorld01.html
      I would suggest that those who obtain the PDF copy "The Spirit world" to read the foreword. 
      The material contained in Larkin's, "The Spirit World," both written and how he presents it on the charts, is, except for a few notable exceptions, excellent material  for a better understanding of the scriptures. In my previous study on Larkin's, "The Book of Revelation, " I brought out some of the issues I disagree with. One of the notable exceptions is that, on rare occasions, Larkin will use a different version of the scriptures. The brethren at the website, 'Earnestly Contending for the Faith,' removed these corrupt versions and inserted the KJV text.
      Looking forward to some good discussions, questions, comments, and good fellowship in this study.
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