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Christian prison chaplain ousted by muslim head chaplain

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Yes we all do.  

We  recently had a visiting preacher who was a prison chaplain who aid he was at a meeting of all the other chaplains from various denominations and religions.  He said that there could only be one true religion.  the only one who agreed with that statement was the Muslim. All the others including CofE and RC were very much against him.  

It was a while back and I can't remember his exact words.

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We have preachers who come to our church from time to time who are chaplains at prisons and withe the armed forces. 

Billy  Graham has just died and although I have great problems with him, in the five minute clips on the news we heard of Christ dying and being resurrected and salvation by grace.  When the so called religious leaders like the archbishop of Canterbury go on the air, you don;t hear about Christ, and certainly not grace,  It is always  something political.

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It's the same here. Kathy Gifford was on Megyn Kelly's show and made it clear that she and her family were saved as a result of Graham's ministry. I didn't listen to the clip, but apparently she made salvation clear.  But then there was the leftist woman who said she hoped Graham would burn in Hell for being against abortion. 

I know of a number of preachers who preach in prisons. I don't know if they are classed as chaplains or not. But at least they can get in there and preach.

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