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Hunting yummy things

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My wife's cat was climbing on my new truck so we gave him away. After that, you could hear rats gnawing under the house; I guess they were trying to get in. Poison worked for awhile but they came right back. The best thing for rats/mice is a cat, so I got her another one; a neutered female which has taken up sleeping on the hood of one of my tractors or the riding lawn mower. Very friendly kitty; maybe she will leave the truck alone :)

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Family in New York all have cats to control the rats and mice that get out of the walls and into their apartments.  Do you have any donkeys to protect your sheep from coyotes?  

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My donkey, Wilbur, is too mischievous to keep with the sheep. He will chase them. I'm sure he would give coyotes a hard time too. So far, and as far as I know, no coyotes have breached our woven-wire fences, but we often hear packs of them yelping/howling in the woods nearby.


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My husband recently got his first wild hog, small pretty much a piglet. We got a tenderloin and some pork butt roasts out of it. What are some ways to cook it to keep it from being dry?

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Andrea, I am not familiar with wild hog at all. A lot depends of fat content. Domestic hogs always have plenty of fat, but since this is a wild hog it maybe like most other wild meat that does not lend itself to much fat, if any.

Having said that, I would try any recipe that is slow cook. The tenderloin should be cooked on the stove top,not roasted. You said it was tenderloin, but did you men back strap, as in pork loin? That is totally different. Tenderloin comes from the inside along the spine and rib section. Pork Loin comes from the same place that pork chops come from which it the back straps along the outside of the spine.

In any case, here is a recipe that I use for pork chops which will come out tender and juicy.

Yummy Pork Chops 

Large deep sided skillet with cover

Begin heating on high heat about ¼” of oil in the skillet

Pour some flour in a bowl

Slice a large RED onion in about ¼” thick slices

Wash pork chops in clear water, do not drain them

Season pork chops with Johnny’s seasoning and garlic powder

Dredge pork chops in the flour, cover them well with flour

Shake off excess flour and brown the chops well

Remove chops from pan, turn fire down to low (number three on my electric stove)

Line the bottom of the pan with whole slices of red onion

Place pork chops on the onion, turn up heat until the chops start to cook again

Pour in one cup of hot water, cover pan and turn down the heat to low again

It should just simmer with cover on, cook covered for 30 minutes

When done remove cover and turn up the heat a bit until the liquid is reduced and caramelized.

You will want some of the caramelized liquid left, it makes wonderful gravy.

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One can also pierce it with garlic and slow cook it Cuban style in mojo sauce covered until the last half hours or so to crisp up the outside and any skin (my favorite part).  We seldom eat it this way as it's a Cuban recipe and my wife is Puerto Rican so she prepares pork according to the way her family has done for generations, I think they call it Pernil.  Still very tender and not dry at all.


If your husband starts bringing home male boars, the gamey taste can be removed by putting the meat in coolers with water and changing it out every day for about a week.  Some do the same with brine water.

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