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My husband's Uncle George

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Please pray for my husband's Uncle George. About an hour ago, he choked on a sandwich and quit breathing. They rushed him to the hospital, but he was unresponsive. I haven't heard anything since then, so I'm hoping no news is good news.

Uncle George is the one who married Randy and me. He is a good, kind, godly man and we love him dearly. He has several grown kids and grandkids, as well as a few greats. We know that, if he passes, he will be in Glory. But we will miss him so.

If you wouldn't mind adding my hubs to that prayer, I'd be ever so grateful. Being out here on the west coast with most of the family in the midwest makes it hard when family goes. An aunt and two uncles have passed since we moved out here.

Appreciate your prayers.

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I am truly sorry to hear about your uncle and the grief your family has to go through. And we all know that the greatest silver lining in the midst of this is that your uncle is in Glory, and for us believers -- to die is gain.

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. (Psalm 116:15)

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Thanks, all. My hubs is doing pretty well. The hardest thing is that he can't get back there for the funeral.  This is the fourth one...I said earlier in two years, but it's actually closer to one.

Our son is going to try to go to the funeral (he still lives in IN for now), and that helps knowing that our part of the family will be represented.

We are so very thankful that we know Uncle George is in Glory. We know that a good portion of the family is saved, but there are other family members who are not. I would appreciate prayer for them, that the Lord will convict them and draw them to Him.

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