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Can't access certain forums or reply

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BroJim or Moderators,

I was trying to reply to a post in the Lounge but the reply button is missing, so I can't reply to any topics in that forum. I also cannot reply in several other forums as well. I go on OB with my laptop (during work break sessions), and my son's gaming system after I log off from my work laptop and use my son's gaming console to see whether it is the laptop or the gaming console that may be the reason why I could not reply in certain forums. The same issue occurs on both platforms. Your help is greatly appreciated.




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I am not seeing the problem here when I look at it with my computer. I am private messaging with Danny about this, but am not getting anywhere. Perhaps the mods can take a look and see if the buttons Danny specified are there for the mods.. He also says that the "reply" box at the bottom of each thread is missing, but it is there for me.

He specifically said this is happening on Alan's thread about the spirit world.

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17 minutes ago, (Omega) said:

I can't reply or start a new topic in the Lounge, Prayer requests, and other forums as well. I don't have this issue with IFB biblical issues, just those forums aformentioned. Maybe other forums as well.

It was taken away because we want you to be more productive with your time :)

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