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Does Anybody Have Any Music Videos That You Care To Share?

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3 minutes ago, No Nicolaitans said:

I no longer play.

However, my wife bought me another recorder (instrument) last year, so I'm teaching myself how to play it...trying to learn to read sheet music for it too.

I had a really nice recorder many years ago and was learning it...until our daughter got a'hold of it...


Lol!!! I know how that goes.

I learned music on the recorder. In fact I still have my first recorder.

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I enjoyed all of the music thus far and I am sure that there are more videos, music files, and church special music, just waiting for an audience.

I would like to give an open invitation: if any of you, would like to post any (whether already played or in your files)  music video, or audio file, on any of my devotions, please feel free to do so.


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10 hours ago, Musician4God1611 said:

Ok, I can't carry all the weight by myself.

That being said, here's something I came up with while playing for my daughter back when she was 1ish.


All evidence to the contrary.......

That's a lovely arrangement. 

I did go looking for a video or two, but the sound from our camera was wonky on them.

We record services for a family that is living remotely, otherwise you would get very little from us.

I might be able to find another audio somewhere......

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56 minutes ago, Musician4God1611 said:

Sure you are!

Let's have a raise of hands to see how many want HC to post a video.



I posted some audio - if I can stumble through some guitar, I am sure you can trundle across the keys for us!!!!

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Hahahahahaha - you guys are so funny! :51_scream:

I will consider it, but right now I'm heading to town with my mom. And then, of course, there's getting ready for church, and church tomorrow, and school Monday, and.....hehehe

But I will see what I can do. :3531a34faafcd3d5ab8749a94f57319e:

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2 hours ago, Ukulelemike said:

This is an old one-I have since re-worked the rhythm as I really didn't like how I did it here. But I'm home sick today and not in the voice for something fresh.


You may not like it, but I thought it was great. Thank you for doing it and posting it......now for more.

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DaveW mentioned a 12 string guitar, Muscian has a brother named Daniel. We were in a music store in S.C. and I introduced Daniel to a 12 string. He fell in love and bought one when he had the chance. Here's a video of him (I am running a 6 string with him but out of camera angle on the first pew). If I can figure out how, I'll put an audio of him alone on a song I like a lot.




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Here's the audio link attempt of a song "Is it Any Wonder Why I Brag of Him?" - or  "Look at What He's Done for Me", I'm not sure which is the right title. (I hope it works)



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Booming bass voice there in the video!

He is certainly strong down low there - would be great in a godly quartet.

I have a real soft spot for good old fashioned gospel quartet music. 

I love the four part harmonies.

Of course you can get some good basic harmonies from our hymn book, amd there is nothing like hearing the harmonies come strong on a good hymn.

We have tried a quartet on occasion, but it is really hard to get it really right. :6_smile:

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On 9/18/2017 at 9:25 PM, OLD fashioned preacher said:

Heartstrings hasn't posted yet but he had a post elsewhere on OB. So, 3 in one post.



Thanks brother, No matter how hard I try,  can't seem to be able to sing "Glad Reunion Day" without breaking up. Some of the best times of my life, singing with my wife and children for God's people.

This is another...........


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