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Requirements for Pastors

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It's painfully clear that some here are grammatically challenged and like me cannot diagram a sentence, something 4th grade christian children are taught to do (ABeka).  Thankfully, my A+/100 grade earning daughter Julia was happy to oblige her old man and confirm through the rules of grammar what the Holy Ghost had already taught her dad.


I shall say no more on this topic at this time.  Only the Holy Ghost, through a submissive heart, can teach things hard to be understood.


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If we're going to take the qualifications of the Bishop to the extreme that I am reading, then we have to ask...

"At what point do a Pastor's children cease being his chillren?"

The truth is, they do not cease being the Pastor's children even if they move out and/or get married.

A child that leaves his father and mother does not cease being the child of his father and mother. So, must a Pastor step down from being a Pastor just because his married son, who lives miles away from the Pastor got drunk, or committed some other sin?  Of course not!

But that seems to be the only logical end to the argument that children MUST be in subjection. 

ps... I like the point about Colossians 3:20 saying ""children" are to obey their parents, so a single "child" doesn't have to obey"  It sheds some perspective one what Paul acutally means when he spoke of "children".

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