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[for Lady Certainly]


That night, we swore our faithfulness unto the very end.
We all spoke in a proud, courageous tone.
Bu when the temple guards came, armed, into Gethsemane,
we ran.  He had to face them all alone.


Three years we walked with Him.  We saw the miracles He did.
His Words had brought us joy as never known
in all the world before those days.  Despite all He had done
for us, we left Him standing there alone.


Three trials, before priests, prince, and governor; and then the scourge
that flayed His skin, and sliced down to the bone;
the beam upon His bleeding back; the walk to Golgotha:
His hour had come. He met it, all alone.


Those Romans drove their dirty nails into His sinless flesh,
then raised that cross right up.  But not one groan
came out of Him.  Then I remembered . . . He had come for this,
and He had said He would not be alone.


His Father, God, went with Him, as we mortal men could not.
(We are but carnal, weak, and always prone
to make a mess of very blessing God has given us.
But in this nature, we are not alone:


for you, and you, and you, too, would not have done other than
we did, although you love to cry and moan
about us.  You might even have betrayed Him for those coins.
So leave your proud self-righteousness alone.)


Six hours, He hung upon that cross, until His breaking heart
gave way to death.  The spirit in Him had flown
back to His Father.  Then they took Him down and brought Him to
a brand new tomb (but it was just a loan).


In those three years we spent with Him, He told us many things.
And one came back to me: a seed is sown
and buried in the ground where it must die to bring forth life.
Or else, it must lie lifeless, there, alone.


Then on the morning of the first day of that week, we heard
good news from Mary Magdalene:  the stone
upon His grave had been rolled back by angel hands, and He
had risen from the dead.  And THIS alone


proves all the rest.  I say that Jesus is the Son of God,
the Saviour and the Lord, and He has shown
us all the Way of Faith that leads unto Eternal Life.




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