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So, I've been wondering something for quite sometime. 

Ive noticed that people who have a struggle with doubting their salvation and those who are afraid of having committed the unpardonable sin, tend to have these fears, for a very long time. It seems that it's nearly impossible for them to have enough assurance for them to stop fearing and obsessing over it. 

Ive been going through this for over 5 years and have read many others talking about this, too. It tends to take years for people to get over these fears, that is, if they ever do. 

Why is this particular problem, so extremely hard to get under control? I have clinical OCD, so I'm sure it contributes, the others might have this problem, too, but why won't God take away these terrible fears and obsessions, over whether or not we are saved or have committed the unpardonable sin? 

I know that He wants us to know whether we are saved or lost or if we are forgiveable. I know that someone cannot effectively do His will, without this i would think, so why is this particular problem so hard to overcome, even with fervent prayer? I understand that God works in His timing and that we have to suffer at times in this life, sometimes for many years, but I wouldn't think that this kind of thing, would be one of the things that would be helpful to go through? I'm not sure? 

What do you all think, about this? 

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29 minutes ago, No Nicolaitans said:

Roselove, I struggled with this myself. My circumstances may have been different than your's (or your husband's) though.

Under heavy conviction, I went forward to be saved one Sunday. My pastor asked me, "Did you feel him come in?" (referring to Jesus coming into my heart). Well, no...I didn't. He told me to pray again. Afterward, he asked again if I felt him come in. No, I didn't "feel him come in". He told me to pray again...etc. I was very confused and didn't understand. I never did "feel him come in"...and I'm ashamed to say it, but I finally lied and told him that I did just so he would quit asking me and making me pray more. 

I left church that day thinking that I wasn't saved, because I didn't "feel him come in". That set a sad course for me for the next several years. I would beg God to save me, but I never felt him come in. It got to the point where I determined that I couldn't be saved...after all, I never felt him come in.

Interestingly during that time, when I would sin, I felt convicted about it.

When I couldn't take it any longer...I sat down with the Bible and a concordance...and looked up all of the verses I could find about salvation...

I found the truth.

I found that I had done what the Bible said one must do to be saved. I found that according to God's word, I was saved. No wonder I felt convicted of sin! 

Do you want to know what I didn't find? I never found one instance of having to "feel him come in"...and I still have never found one.

I was convicted of being a sinner, I believed on Jesus with all of my heart, and I confessed him as Lord. 

My problem was relying on what a man told me, and the devil used that against me for about five years.

One of the most important things to God is that we believe...him. When I saw what God said, it finally set me free from the doubts and fears that were instilled into me by man.

Read his word. Believe it, and rest upon it. Man will steer you wrong, but God won't. Believe God's word Roselove...believe it.

I'll be praying for you and your husband.

Thank you, that is very encouraging. Sometimes i feel so alone in this situation, because I've never actually talked to someone in person, who had this problem (that i know of, anyway). 

I do believe that I feel conviction, when I'm doing something wrong, even if I'm enjoying it and not willing to stop for awhile, i have this constant awareness of my sin. I definitely know that I'm doing wrong and my fear of God, is there while I'm doing it. 

Sometimes i get worried that, I'm not truly repentant, that I'm just afraid of God's wrath. That has always been my biggest motivator. I do want Jesus in my life, i want to be a good witness for Christ, i want Him to tell me that I have done the will here on earth that, He had for me, when I die. I want Him when I'm going through hard times or i need guidance. 

Sometimes im just not sure what is my OCD, my emotions, the devil, or reality. It really confuses me. :( 

sometimes I believe that I'm saved, but then I'm like, "is my repentance, really genuine?" Or "do i have enough, faith?" My mind can always go right back to doubting, even right after I've found comfort. I kind of feel like a robot, no matter what I've learned or been shown, i just very easily, go back to my default setting of worry and doubt and it's like i never got help, at all. 

I want this cycle to stop, so badly. I have these issues while and after reading the Bible, too. It's just an extremely deep-rooted problem, that i have. 

I really do love getting encouragement from other believers, it does make me happy. I really enjoy getting on here and reading things! I just need to figure out how to utilize the help, that i get. :(

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NoNics reply is excellent.

We get ourselves into trouble when we let our feelings rule us, and we instead ignore what the Word says.

I have sometimes compared salvation to a Marriage relationship.

There are times when I have been stupid (often) or times when I have foolishly taken offense at something my wife has done, when I really don't like her very much, or she doesn't like me very much. We don't feel very much in love at those times.

But we never stop being married (and we don't stop loving each other either - love is not a feeling but an action!).

The feelings are not always there, but the relationship cannot be changed.

So it is with salvation - when we are saved, we enter into a relationship with the Lord (He adopts us as His child is one illustration the Bible uses). That relationship can never change, because God promises it. But we don't always "feel saved", especially when we sin against Him.

The trouble is that we are so conditioned to follow our feelings that it is difficult to rest in the Bible facts.

And of course, I am not suggesting that we close off our feelings altogether - God made man with feelings and emotions, and so we must enjoy them, but emotions cannot rule us.

This is to add to NoNics post, I hope some support for what he has related.

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8 hours ago, Roselove said:



I really do love getting encouragement from other believers, it does make me happy. I really enjoy getting on here and reading things! 

Well, loving the brethren is a good "proof" of someone who is saved.

(1 John 3:14) We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death.

Sorry for the weird double quote...it's phone gremlins. :laugh:

Edited by No Nicolaitans

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1 hour ago, No Nicolaitans said:

Well, loving the brethren is a good "proof" of someone who is saved.

(1 John 3:14) We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death.

Sorry for the weird double quote...it's phone gremlins. :laugh:

That is encouraging, as well :) i do indeed love them. 

Haha! Phone gremlins! :4_6_103:

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