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Is a home church a biblical church?

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6 hours ago, Salyan said:

I guess it depends whether your distance precludes you from being regularly involved (as in, are you willing to drive there a lot?). That could depend a lot on where you live, too. City people are less likely to drive into the country, but country folk can be used to driving 1-2 hours to get to town/church. (That's a Canadian assessment; I noticed that in England acceptable distances seem shorter. I visited a church that was a 1.5 hour commute away from my hotel. That's a bit of a way in Canada (I wouldn't want to drive it every week), but we've had church members that regularly drove that far or further. The pastor there, though, seemed to be quite surprised that I had come so far to attend).

I think a pastor needs to be closer, though. Although some people around here do drive 1-2 hours to work everyday (crazy)!

Hi Salyan. 

Thanks for your reply.  Your last point is what I was intending to convey, that of pastoral visits.  

In the past (19th century)  People used to walk vast distances to church.   Samuel Eyles Pierce rote in his memoires that on Christmas Eve 1813 he walked a fair distance into London, caught the stage to Maidstone (not a comfortable journey I should think as there were no made up roads) then walked to Faversham about 26 miles, preached twice the next da, and three times the following day, "It being the Lord's Day" then walked 10 miles to Canterbury for the new year.  5 years later he founded the first Baptist Church in Faversham.  In the  mid 1840's Jonathan Reeves of Rochester wrote that he was planning to walk to Faversham from his home , about 17 miles,  to hear a particular  at the Baptist Church. He and his friend got up at 6.00 am but it was such heavy rain that they had to delay their departure. Eventually they had to call their trip off as the heavy rain continued.  Some time after I read that I read elsewhwere that with his mum he walked from Rochester to Faversham to hear William Huntington preach.  As Huntigton died when Jonathan was about 11 and was not in good health for his last two years, he musyt have been quite young when  he made those journeys.

There is also an account that the pastor of a baptist church in the  village  of Egerton in Kent used to walk from his home in Sheerness to the chapel and back every Lord's day, a distance it is said was 20 miles. I looked it up on Via Michelin and that said the distance was more than that.  

My wife had a friend whose grandmother used to walk large distances to services, not because they were poor, but because they refused to pay a fare on Sunday.

Having thought of that I guess I should perhaps withdraw my previous post.


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On 7/29/2017 at 5:42 PM, Alan said:

“Our latest work, Victory Baptist Church, as our previous works, was started in our home with just me and my wife and children.




Alan, what would you have done if you were not ordained?  Most here would say it would not be a NT church unless you had an ordained pastor involved.  But something is better than nothing.  On the other hand,  some would say that those not following the NT model in every particular are on the path to perdition. But maybe not.  Maybe a lay person could start an independent Baptist home church that is not fully IAW the NT model.  Taking an idea from another topic thread, lay people can baptize in a pinch.  Besides, ordination is not an ordinance.  Ordination is an example to follow but it should not be done willy nilly to every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants to carry out the Great Commission.  


On 7/29/2017 at 5:42 PM, Alan said:


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Thank you for reading my 7/29/17 post. Wow! It has been over two years since I wrote that testimony. My 7/29/17 post was just a personal testimony on how we started two churches on Taiwan. For your information, we are missionaries to Taiwan and are sent by our home church to start churches on the field that God has called us to. I did not write that post to take sides in this issue and if you notice I have not commented on the "home church movement" here in the Sates issue for my own personal reasons. Also, I rarely answer "what if" type questions nor do I answer for other people and what they think.

If you want my thoughts on ordination you may want to visit this thread:

I will not probably discuss much more on this thread.


Edited by Alan
deleted a phrase

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      I ask this because, in the evangelical world, such as boundless.org (Focus on the Family) and other sites, men are being shamed for not dating, etc extended adulthood, I believe Cary Schmidt wrote a book on this topic of extended adolescence. And with the trends of co-habitating, homosexual "marriage," fornication, divorce, single parenthood on the rise, etc. Census showed a while back that singles are now a majority of this country, how can we as the church, not only defend the institution of marriage, the family, and the home for those who already have it, but help young people who desire those things to get ready for those thing and provide them opportunities to meet, mingle, and serve and serve others with one another?
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    • By paid4
      I've read some of the fourms and it seems like lots of people are running into the same thing. I feel the same way right now myself. I have this utter feeling of being the only one that believes what I do. I hunger for others to know and to learn and most of all to STAND UP and proclaim Jesus Christ. "Is any one else out there"  is a question that often crosses my mind.
      Surely I'm not the only one that has ever felt this way?!?!
      Well, I'm not.  And you're not!!!
      When you get a chance read 1 Kings 19:1-21. What a blessing to know that God is there when the winds come and the earth shakes and your world is crumbling all around you.
      In these times LISTEN for that still small voice and KNOW that God doesn't need your help but rather desires for you to want to work for Him.
      There are others out there. God knows it because he put them there.
      WE ARE NOT ALONE!!!!!
      Thank you for the ones that keep this website up and running. It is very much needed in this day and age!!
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