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Refuting Verses of TULIP belief

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On 7/16/2017 at 1:48 PM, BabeinChrist said:

I am familiar with the heresy of Calvinism, but am unaware of the meaning of TULIP, other than the flower.

What is TULIP?

Calvinism is not hersy,a sits just another system/method supported in teh scriptures as to God deals with sinful humanity. I see Non cals and Cals are both saved by the grace of the Lord, but that we understand it if different ways.

Basically, TULIP stands for the 5 points of Grace that calvinism is built upon for salvation, as each letter stands for a different point. Such as Total depravity, Limited Atonement, Irresistable grace etc.

many times the basic problem is a communication one, as many times those against Calvinism understand the meanings in a differest fashion than we vest in those terms.

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