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The beauty of creation

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Place is full of birds - magpies, 28's (a smallish green parrot), kookaburra, a couple of roos have been around. Haven't seen any smaller critters, but they are around. Most lizards and snakes will be trying to keep warm, so unlikely to see any this time of year - although there was a small lizard in the woodpile. Not sure what kind as it was darkish and he was quickly deeper into the pile.😂

Relaxing is what we need right now.

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My phone camera didn't do justice to the beautiful sunset last night! 



I turned to the left to get a view of the fading light in the clouds, and now you can see the pineapple field. There are pineapples in the top photo as well, but the lighting is too dark over the fields.





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My wife and I went for a  drive in the country the other day to a place called Dwellingup, stopped and had lunch near the river, and saw these couple of guys.



No Idea what the first guy is as I am not a birdwatcher (after some searching it is a Scarlet Robin), but everyone here knows what the other one is: a Kookaburra. They are a kind of kingfisher, but have a distinctive call, which sounds a little bit like maniacal laughter when they get really into it.


They are not a cautious bird at all, well known for stealing food from the tables while people are eating there. In fact, one of them flew right in between my wife and I facing each other at the table. He didn't get our food though, because we were quick enough.....spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png

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My wife, Sherry, found this nest of Bulbul 烏頭翁 birds in our backyard in Taiwan. The Bulbul is a common bird in our area. We see them every day, they are somewhat small,  their song is very distinct and beautiful to listen too.

Just an encouraging word to all of my friends from the world of nature as an example of the loving care of our heavenly Father.

"I am the LORD thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt,: open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it." Psalm 81:10


Photo by Sherry

Tai Tung, Taiwan





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Just thought I would show you the "Kangaroo Paw" in front of our house.

A bit hard to tell, but that shade overhead is about 7', and the plant is right up to it.

The second photo shows why it is named that.

By the way, sorry about the lawn out front - I am trying to green it, but we are in drought now. Today is a cooler change, so only in the mid 30's -well into the 90's F, but we have had a fair string of days above 30 and into the early 40's. Not the hottest part of summer yet.....😉🤣








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I'm going to change it up and show an ugly creation: the Black sea cucumber/Black tarzan (both names are common). I at first thought this creature was a piece of garbage floating around in the shallow tide pool, but on closer inspection, it turned out to be a creature that is very ugly. However, when I looked closely at its head, it was interesting how the tendrils flowed out and around in search of food. The video quality isn't very good and my dog is splashing around, but you can see it moving its tendrils in search of food.


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Hermit crabs are an interesting critter. They use the empty shells of other critters for their protection since they don't grow their own shells. Usually when they outgrow the shell they are in they have to go in search of an empty shell large enough to fit them, and if another Hermit crab is nearby that also needs to upgrade they will wait in line to take the hand-me-down shell. I thought I was witnessing that when I saw these three Hermit crabs surrounding a larger shell. However, it turns out that there was a fourth crab inside the large shell! Two crabs were trying to evict the one in the large shell while the smallest was just waiting for the winner to leave its shell so it could take it over. I wasn't able to stay to the end of the fight to see the outcome, unfortunately. 


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