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The beauty of creation

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Tonight's sunset was spectacular! I took several photos, but since my phone camera doesn't have a panoramic setting, I took a video instead. This was taken from the roof of my house. 



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We visited the, "Shuangliu National Forest Recreation Area, in Chinese,「雙流國家森林樂區」. And, after an approximately two hour hike through the forest, saw the, Shuangliu Waterfall 「雙流瀑布」In Chinese, Shuangliu means, “Two Streams.”

Shuangliu Waterfall 「雙流瀑布」


Photo by Alan

Shuangliu Falls Website:


Shuangliu Park Entrance Sign



Photo by Rebecca

Edited by Alan
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Huangguoshe, the largest waterfall in China. It is in remote Guizhou province. In 1995 I was in Guizhou visiting the parents of a young man I knew in the States. I was there for a week and only saw one other Westerner and that was at the waterfall. The poverty there was terrible. I saw beggars in Xi'an, where I worked for 6 months, that looked as if they had more than the peasants in Guizhou. My wife and I visited there in 2000 and the peasants appeared much better off.019.thumb.JPG.31e887e0ee62be4521a015e66e85a9ce.JPG

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While we took a break awhile back we visited Kenting National Park. Kenting national park is on the southern tip of Taiwan and is very scenic. We like to walk among the trees in the forest and just enjoy the beauty of nature.

Kenting National Park


Giant Autumn Maple Tree

In Chinese 茄苳巨木


The Plaque for the Giant Autumn maple Tree


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