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The Trials of Job

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At our church we're just now finishing up a study of Job that we've been on for some months.  Very enlightening.  I came across the same information - people blaming Job for his trials.  I was actually shocked, and dumbfounded, considering as you said that the Lord Himself declared Job righteous.  I mean, how much clearer can it be?  The only thing I could fault Job for, if I wanted to try and find fault, is perhaps a little bit of righteous indignation towards the end of the book as he "orders" God to allow him to present his case and "demands" a reason for his suffering.  God certainly addresses that and tells Job he has no right to "order" anything (ask for, yes, order, no).  In my take that's the reason for the Lord's response in the final few chapters, humbling Job before the Omnipotent Creator.  But, that certainly doesn't mean that Job brought the original affliction upon himself.  Like you said, anyone who "declares" that Job brought his affliction upon himself is just like his friends.  The danger with this, of course, is a tendency to arrive at the same misguided conclusion as his friends that if you are experiencing prosperity that it must be because you are a good person being blessed by God and that if you are suffering affliction that it must be because you are a bad person being punished by God.  Obviously that's not true! 

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