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Why Would God Allow Us to Make Mistakes

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I know the answer to this. But I still wonder. 

God let man fall and sin to enter the world so He could show how gracious He is. That He is mighty to save. 
But I still wonder and question why God would let us do stupid things and make mistakes. 

How I wish that my flesh isn't corrupted and that all my choices in life are good ones. 
How I long to that day when we don't "get" to sin anymore or make bad choices. 

I would appreciate any inputs from you all. :) 


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We are depraved sinners and will make mistakes and do stupid things (sin) when our focus is not on God.  In addition, we must maintain fellowship with the Lord so that he will answer our prayers.  If we regard iniquity in our hearts, the Lord will not hear us, he literally turns his face away from us.  So confess those sins and pray for wisdom and knowledge and read your bible.


I've just completed a very trying day, very painful, very adversarial and contentious, and the Lord was with me all the way!  I cannot imagine going through life without the Lord anymore.  

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I wonder if the Lord permits us to make foolish errors so that we are aware of our own fallibility, and lean upon the Lord for His grace.

If we went through life making no errors we would then consider that we are not in need of His grace, and start depending upon our own perceived goodness and strength.

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Along with what Ukulelemike said, if God did not allow us to make mistakes, then how could we be said to have free will? In essence, it is the same questions as "why does God allow evil or bad things to happen?" We either have free will or we do not and if God is choosing any of our actions for us, then it is the latter.

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I believe the ways of God are so fantastically beyond our comprehension that it is almost a waste of time trying to dwell on how He works.

I deal with a Calvinist from time to time, and he insists God does nothing outside of logic. In other words, we should be able to fully understand what He does and why. In the area of predestination, for example, particularly in salvation, he says it is illogical that God could be truly sovereign, AND give man the ability to choose or reject Him. Not logical. Therefore, if God is sovereign, he absolutely cannot have any choice in any matter, particularly salvation. God is sovereign, period, man has nothing to say-we will live or burn based solely upon a decision God made about each of us before the foundation of time. AND, even though a majority in history will never have any chance to be saved, and we have no choice BUT to be sinners, yet we are still responsible and will be judged guilty for sins we had no choice but to commit.

Yet I believe scripture is clear that man IS given a choice, and CAN choose-that doesn't mean we are working with God to be saved, it just means we are accepting the salvation that He made available and offers to all. A drowning man has nothing to boast about because he grasped the lifeline thrown to him by another; so a sinner will have nothing to boast of if he reached out and accepted the salvation placed before him.

But, God IS sovereign. God DOES move hearts and minds, He DOEWS influence and urge and compel. He works on the hearts of men, and sometimes, even directs them pointedly, even the lost. I don't understand HOW He moves and how He works on the hearts of men, how He calls and draws and saves, while still allowing us to choose. How does he contrl, while still letting us have enough rope to either be saved or hang oursleves, and through it all, regardless of each decision, His perfect will is accomplished and an expected end will come about just as he has prepared. And through it all, I am amazed at God and His grace and His ways, and I don't need 'logic', or understanding of it all-I trust His word to be true and leave the details to Him.

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