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  Took me awhile to not act confrontational with them, as I have a fighter's nature. But by gaining a little confidence in them, I get them to listen to the Gospel better. (However, it takes the HOLY SPIRIT'S power to cause them to BELIEVE it!)

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  One trick they tried with me was to send an old black fella to my door who'd refereed several of my fights & had been a notable heavyweight himself til injury ended his career. They knew I held him in high esteem.

  I told him, "Mr. - - - . you're welcome in my home any time, but I'll NEVER be a JW. I am saved by the grace (unmerited favor) of JESUS CHRIST, God's Son, who is also God, and nothing can sway me from that. I'm hoping that YOU come to the same belief & realize how shallow & false the JWs are."  We talked about other things, and he didn't try to "convert " me any more. (Unfortunately, he died while still part of that cult.)


  The local kingdom hall closed & sold their building. There's no kingdom hall within 10 miles of my home now. They just couldn't attract enough gullible people to support their local coven.


  As I said, they haven't been back for about 3 years. But the Mor(m)ons have. IMHO, they're as bad a cult as the Jws are. I give them the same treatment as I do the JWs. "You preach to me, but you must gimme equal time to preach to YOU." The same "missionaries" never come back.

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On 9/21/2019 at 9:39 AM, robycop3 said:


The local kingdom hall closed & sold their building. There's no kingdom hall within 10 miles of my home now. They just couldn't attract enough gullible people to support their local coven.



They are closing down and selling Kingdom Halls all over the United States forcing two or three congregations to share a single Hall some where else. Of course the faithful JWs blindly believe the “reasons” for this given to them by the governing body, so they are will sacrifice for “Jehovah” in a overcrowded Kingdom Hall. To the people on the outside it’s much more obvious why they are doing this on a mass scale all over the country combining congregations and selling the other buildings. It all started after the JWs began losing lawsuits for not reporting known child abuse to law enforcement. Now the cases are coming from the endless children who were abused for years while they protected the abuser. The Watchtower is losing millions of dollars one case at a time, and they are in panic mode trying to not go bankrupt and expose themselves to be the false prophets they really are.

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On 11/3/2019 at 6:20 AM, robycop3 said:

  Worse yet, their apostasy keeps them lost. They believe Jesus is the archangel Michael, same as their daddy cult, the Seven-Day-Adlibbers, does.

Jehovahs witnesses are complex, and there are just so many barriers you have to tear down to get through. The mind control of the organization is beyond belief, and is the reason most JWs have not critical thinking skills. Since the watchtower is considered the spokesman for God that means everyone who tries to tell them something that contradicts their teaching is viewed as from Satan himself.

As for Watchtower theology it is absurd and anathema. Jesus being the Archangel is one of their beliefs that will have consequences after death, but there are many more that effect and endanger them and their families lives while living. One of the more wicked beliefs is that blood transfusions are sinful. Countless men, women, and children have lost their lives too early because the Watchtower imposed this belief by ripping one versus completely out of context. Also, when they impose  shunning on family and other congregation members for small things like questioning a watchtower teaching can push the shunned member to suicide or at the very least a life of anxiety and sadness. Shunning is especially cruel for a JW since they are taught to isolate themselves from non JWs, so they have no friends or support system outside of the congregation. I believe that isolation has a deliberate and sinister reason behind the belief since it puts them in a situation where their JW friends and family are literally all they have. This isolation is further abused when the JWs are told it is forbidden for them to attend or take part in any holiday celebrations with non JW friends and family.

i follow the JWs and listen to their leaders online, and its unbelievable to me how these magazine salesmen have so much mental control of their followers. They have proven to be false prophets over and over and yet the rank file blindly follow, and will probably continue to do so until they depart this world and open their eyes to find out that hell is their reward.

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