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    • By Potatochip
      Seems like the social gospel of Christianity promoted by heretics and the media.  Is winning America over.  If i support equal rights and sodomites and even the kind of Communism that Martin Luther King infused into the black community.  I am accepted then.  Whats wrong with those people.  Something is wrong with them.  They support abortion which is legal thru all 9 months right up until the day of birth.  They support sodomite rights. They by proxy support atheists who love the social gospel.  I'm not going to call anyone that calls themselves Christian black white or other that stand for that kind of evil my brother.  
      MLK thats Hebrew I guess for Molech those letters.  The God they sacrificed children too.  Somethings way, way, off with this social gospel.  I start to wonder about Babylon and Nimord just why people calling themselves Christian don't have Christian righteousness about a lot of things they should have...
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