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Books that have impacted your life or ministry

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I liked the book by John R. Rice called "The Coming Kingdom of Christ". Its a simple bible study book that Brother Rice wrote about the Millennial kingdom and how the promise of eternal Inheritance of Land to Israel will be fulfilled at His return. Not overly "earth shattering" but it was helpful to me in getting a proper perspective on how all the promises of the bible will be fulfilled not just temporarily or partially to some but in fullness to all who trust in Christ. With a lot if confusion to to how things play out with the rapture and tribulation it was a good book for a foundation to those events.

Here is an online version:


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17 hours ago, Orval said:

The cons are not many but for me they were important.  

Mr. Koukl presents his work as a help to believers and yet seldom refers to the scriptures, it is primarily an intellectual approach to defending those things we believe to be truth.  I am not against the book but I believe that a book admonishing being ambassadors for Christ should probably have a bit more bible in its pages.

Secondly, I caught on very quickly that Mr. Koukl is a strong Calvinist as early in the book he speaks of the sovereignty of grace (predestination) and uses other words that give him away as well.  A quick search on the internet verified my suspicions.  While I have recommended the book to several pastor friends it is unlikely our pastor will use it at Heartland BBC because our stand against Reformed Theology would not be consistent.  

Those are both certainly valid points of contention. However, when considering the stated purpose of the book, they don't detract from the utility of the method. Regarding the Scripture references, I would certainly expect to see a varying amount in any given encounter based upon who you are interacting with. Quoting Scripture to a Hindu with whom you have a wide philosophical/worldview gap will be mostly futile while doing it with an informed Christian with whom you have a doctrinal disagreement will define the conversation. Secondly, with Koukl's Columbo approach you're asking questions to force the other person to clarify and support his/her position and you are limiting your assertions and therefore your need to reference Scripture in support thereof.

On the Calvinist thing, I honestly didn't dive into his theology deeply enough to notice. I read on the plane to/from Hawaii and was focused on gleaning the method more than the substance of his personal beliefs. Again though, I don't think the theology detracts from the method which I find incredibly useful. There are so few books with which I will share 100% of the theological position with the author that unless it's a book about theology, biblical interpretation, or commentary I really don't get concerned with it unless they're way off the deep end or the substance of the book is dependent upon the flawed theology. There are many great heroes of the faith which had flawed theology, even Calvinism, that had some great spiritual insight like Spurgeon or Moody.

I'm glad you read and enjoyed the book, though. Thanks for the reply and honest engagement.

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